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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gay Online Magazine Labels Hillary Clinton As Lesbian Due To Overwhelming Evidence


Hillary Clinton Is Gay Article By Lesbian "Curve" Magazine

This article by the lesbian Curve magazine isn't about if Hillary Clinton is gay or not even though that's the article title and they go on to say it's all rumor and Hillary Clinton said she wasn't. Lesbian Curve Magazine has made a short sentence caption directly under the Globe newspaper picture stating that Hillary Clinton is a "lesbian". This article by "Curve Magazine" is all about why straight people always have to create a rumor that all powerful women are gay and make all women in public life a gay issue during election campaigns and during their reigns if they get elected when a lot of the elected women are not gay at all. In this one instance Curve Lesbian Magazine states Hillary Clinton "Is Gay" but most women in power are not. Some pics they state are photoshopped but the one of Christina Aguilera I found out isn't and did happen.

Hillary Clinton has this thing going on to make muslims accept gays I would speculate. She keeps allowing massive immigration of muslims that absolutely hate gays and she thinks she can alter the muslim thought towards gays. "Guess What?", It isn't going to happen. Muslims are deeply embedded in sharia law and as long as they are they will drop gays from the tops of tall buildings and gun them down in night clubs. Clinton is bringing in the end of gays by death with the ideology of having muslims accept homosexuality. I guess this train of thought is from the fact that beastiality (sex with animals) is acceptable and ongoing with muslims so why can't muslims accept gays? Just goes to show liberals are as mentally ill as muslims.

The "Code Pink" political group that was created by Hillary Clinton is a bunch of communist women but what's now known is this "Code Pink" political group is also a huge club of lesbians. Hillary Clinton was just caught promoting open borders and this is what the political group "Code Pink" is all about. The ultimate goal of these hyper liberal politicians and homosexual groups is, "Global Communism". Yes, they want a "One World Government" with only the rich being the chosen gods that are themselves. 

The problem with the open borders thing is the United States is getting all the poor people from other countries that won't allow open border illegal immigration back into their countries and this is collapsing the United States economy that these non open border immigration countries need to power their economy's.

Hillary Clinton tried to do the so called, "Russian Reset" with Putin but the russian's don't like gays at all and even banned them from various aspects of russian society. When Putin finally realized Hillary Clinton was gay and obama was supporting gays the "Reset" was off. Putin absolutely stomped on Hillary Clinton in the nuclear deal and on other world issues. Hillary Clinton was trying to create her globalization dream and now Putin has much of what he wanted plus all kinds of military technology that's speculated to have been sold to Putin by no other than, "Bill Clinton" and "Barack Obama". Putin is building warplanes similar in technology with United States warplanes and I'm talking almost exact in design and function. 

If it were not for the pushback against all this globalization under a communist world government and massive immigration into the U.S. only a very few people may have found out Hillary Clinton is gay.

In closing, this "Curve Lesbian" woman's magazine has to finally admit Hillary Clinton is gay but is still trying to cover up for other in the closet lesbians that have risen into positions of authority. They have another pic of Germany's Angela Merkel with a young woman that they say is photoshopped also but with this lie about the Christina Aguilera pic of Hillary checking out her breats being photoshopped it brings into question if the Angela Merkel photo is real and only being said that it was altered for the purpose of protecting all lesbian women in positions of authority.

Curve lesbian woman's magazine labels this pic of Hillary Clinton checking out Christina Aguilera's breast as photoshopped but Christina Aguilera says it was true in this You Tube video and she was checking out Hillary Clinton also.

This pic above is not photoshopped and the event did happen

Christina Aguilera confirmed Hillary Checking her boobs out in the video and in other words said she liked it and was checking Hillary Clinton out too.

This pic below surfaced on the internet most likely from the person that took in when Hillary Clinton was studying at Wellesley college back in the late 1960's.

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