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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Billary Clinton Waives Her Russian Hat While Laughing At Donald Trump For Collusion With The Russians

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Hillary Clinton brings Russian hat with her to Yale

While delivering the 2018 commencement address at Yale, Hillary Clinton holds up a Russian hat for the crowd.
Written By James Allan | 5-21-2018

If you can't believe that the democrat party is communist now just look at Billary waiving her communist russian hat around at the liberal indoctrination college Yale. In fact, if you listen well you will actually hear various democrats speak lines as if they are communists.

The U.S. communist democrat party is trying hard to take away everyone's guns just like what recently happened in Venezuela. The communist in Venezuela took everyone's guns away during Barack Obama's presidency as Barack Obama was cheering it and now Venezuela is being forced into communism. "True"

What the democrats are doing is falsely accusing Donald Trump of doing what the communist democrats "ARE" because most U.S. citizens reject the communism the democrats are trying to install. Some U.S. Citizens just have a hard time believing their beloved democrats that have never done anything for them are taking advantage of them being naive and uneducated in their constant struggle to earn enough money to take care of themselves.  

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