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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Libertarian Republican Rinos Selling Out U.S. Citizens To Please Cheap Labor Business Profits


Written By James Allan | 5-19-2018

Most of these so called, "Republican Congressmen" that created this "Discharge Petition" to legalize illegal aliens and go around the normal congressional process are from high hispanic districts in California, New York, Florida and a couple of other states looking to serve the libertarian business interests of cheap labor and attract democrat votes. We the non libertarian "Tea Party Base" are fighting to get "Free For All" immigration stopped with any legalization of daca children and these rinos are going against the majority republican party base wants.

I do see that in these democrat districts it takes a "Turncoat" libertarian republican to win but they always go against the Republican party on key issues like immigration. Elect a libertarian republican into a democrat district and you are sure to get more immigrants. All the Republicans dance and sing the victory song when a Republican is elected into these districts as the immigrants pile up to no end.

Libertarian republican or Tea Party Republican to support in these districts? It's a hard choice but you know if your choice is the libertarian republican you might as well be voting in a democrat. The only positive about getting the libertarian republican elected into these districts is congress will stay in control of the republicans with no issues ever being solved in favor of U.S. Citizens. "NEVER ENDS". It is better that, "nothing gets solved" with the Republicans in charge because if the democrats get put back in charge of congress we will get more useless laws that are designed to put the U.S. into communism and engineered poverty.

Donald Trump has to endorse a few of these libertarian republicans that are singing the, "I'm On The Donald Trump Bandwagon" song but as soon as they get elected will they move towards their old libertarian republican mindset? Republicans got Arnold Schwarzenegger elected and it's now found out that he's a "libertarian republican" that had no intention of fighting and reducing immigration into California as his ass was moving up and down on his hispanic immigrant housekeeper's pie. Even though Donald Trump has to support rinos here and there I will support the best candidate for the Republican Party.

Below are the lawmakers that have signed the "Discharge Petition" that would force a House floor vote on daca immigration bills, according to the House Clerk's Office. The measure needs 218 signatures to move forward, which would require 25 Republicans and all 193 Democrats. At the time of this article the petition has 20 republican votes and 176 democrat votes.

Republicans: 20

Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida - Jeff Denham, R California - David Valadao, R California - Will Hurd, R Texas - Mario Diaz Balart, R Florida - Mia Love, R Utah - Ileana Ros Lehtinen, R Florida - Charlie Dent, R Pennsylvania - Fred Upton, R Michigan - David Reichert, R Washington - Mike Coffman, R Colorado - Chris Collins, R New York - John Faso, R New York - Mark Amodei, R Nevada - Elise Stefanik, R New York - Leonard Lance, R New Jersey - Ryan Costello, R Pennsylvania - Stephen Knight, R California - John Katko, R New York - David Trott, R Michigan