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Saturday, July 2, 2016

The "Never Trump" Crowd? They Are Libertarian Republicans In A Nutshell Cracked Open And Exposed

The "Never Trump" Crowd Is Now The "Republican Democrats" Crowd

Of course the democrats hate Donald Trump and will do anything including violence to stop him. But what's not well known is a portion of the republican party that calls themselves the "Never Trump" crowd is also out to stop Donald Trump by any means even if that means is letting Billary Clinton become our next president. This "Never Trump" crowd is "Libertarian" not to be confused with the democrat liberals. Except for Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee for the most part the other primary candidates running against Donald Trump are libertarian or siding with the libertarians. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and the rest of the primary field are libertarian republicans that make up the "Never Trump" movement inside the republican party. This article addresses the truth about this "Never Trump" movement that would rather see Billary Clinton get elected to keep Donald Trump from cleaning the libertarian communists out of government.

The plan of attack the republican libertarians have now after Donald Trump has clenched the republican nomination to run against Billary Clinton or whomever the democrats pick if Billary goes to jail. Of course the "Never Trump" movement is clearly libertarian and any politician or media personality that has stood out against Donald Trump is clearly part of the libertarian "Never Trump" movement.

But what is the "Never Trump" libertarian plan now? I have an idea. The "Never Trump" crowd wales against Billary Clinton but they also wale against Donald Trump at the same time? How can you dump on both candidates in opposite political parties and get your libertarian candidate to the win. The answer is you can't. The only hope for the libertarians to stay in the power frame is to get rid of Donald Trump and let the democrats win the presidency. Do the libertarians have a favorite in the democrat party? If both Billary Clinton and Donald Trump lose are the libertarians hopeful of a third party candidate? Gary Johnson? Gary Johnson has already lost and a third party candidate can't get into the race. "Write In?" 

If the president isn't Donald Trump then it's going to be Billary Clinton so it's very safe to say the only way the libertarians are going to save themselves is to get rid of Donald Trump and let Billary Clinton win. The libertarians will bash Billary Clinton so when she wins the libertarians won't get blamed for her winning. All the libertarians have to do is make Donald Trump sound worse than Billary Clinton and balance the scheme so they won't get blamed for Billary beating Donald Trump. 

Hey "Libertarians", "IF BILLARY CLINTON WINS IT'S YOUR FAULT". No Kidding, You libertarians are going to get the full blame if Donald Trump loses and we will start letting everyone know you libertarians are at fault now so when Billary takes the oath of office the tomato's will be flying at the libertarian menace first. 

The libertarians cater to the democratic party and have infiltrated the republican party for years. Everyone doesn't understand if we kick the libertarians out of the republican party in the primaries we will take back the republican party fully and crush the democrats completely. It's just not Donald Trump we need. Even though Donald Trump is sorely needed we need to kill the libertarians for good.

The problem with the republican party is the number of self proclaimed supreme leaders we republican voters are lead to adopt and cherish. The republican leadership does just like the democrats, "We Only Get To Chuse from their choices. Yes, our republicans leaders allowed the anti republican party libertarians in and now we the republican party base are getting blamed for all the outrageous screw-ups the libertarians are making when the libertarians try to install libertarian values onto the republican base that would never vote for a Rand Paul libertarian.

The GOP Anti Trump Establishment Libertarian Open Borders Media Pufflers: 

"Brent Bozell, Dana Loesch, Mark Levin, Glen Beck, Katherine Timpf, Charles Krauthammer, Greg Gutfeld, Michelle Malkin, George Will, Bill Kristol, Chris Wallace, Ted Cruz. Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Katie  Pavlich, Rich Lowry, Tomi Lahren, Judge Andrew Napalitano, Kennedy, Steve Hayes, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and all the Bush's, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Linsey Graham, John Boehner and many many more etc.......". I could go on and on adding well known names to this list but I will be kind due to an outside influence.

Anti Trump Libertarian Puffler Media Entities:

Anyone that works at the "National Review", "Weekly Standard", "The Blaze", "Republican Liberty Caucus", "Tea Party Patriots", "Freedom Works", "Tea Party Express", "Tea Party Community", "CNN". If you run into any website or public entity with the word, "Liberty" in it (Except For Liberty University) turn the other direction and "RUN" because it's libertarian.

The libertarians are always preaching the U.S. constitution but do they really abide by it? The answer to that is "NO". The libertarians are business communists and only want business to govern the United States. The libertarians want a puppet government controlled by business leaders. This type of thought surely isn't what the U.S. constitution gave U.S. citizens. 

The libertarians were allowed to enter the republican party in the late 1950's. The republican party has always been in a "Voter War" with the democrats and they decided to pump up their republican side voting numbers by catering to the libertarian screwballs who "Never" vote for a republican candidate unless the republican candidate is of course a libertarian running under the republican banner. As for the libertarians being conservative, "They Are Not". The republicans used the libertarians for votes and the libertarians are using the republicans to change the United States government into a libertarian "Business Communist" wonderland.

If you don't understand the "libertarian menace" in the republican party, well, lets make some comparisons.

* You can equate the libertarian menace to: "The Democrats Letting Muslim Culture Flourish Within The United States"

* You can equate the libertarian menace to: A republican leadership that's so bad they are letting illegal immigrants flood into the United States to create low wages and hardships.

* You can equate the libertarian menace to: The North American European Union type globalization that moves towards a United Nations global government whom tell you how you have to act, what is proper for you to say and the types of products you have to use.

The above are all "Libertarian Values". Many people are under the impression these values belong to the democrats only, but, "Guess What". They are indeed libertarian republican values because the libertarians are "Small Government" democrats.

The republican party leadership now is so entrenched in the libertarian menace they have to push and get a libertarian into the white house to beat the democrats. It's so damn bad George W. Bush only won by you could say, "ONE POINT" that equals a few hanging chads. The libertarians only vote for libertarians so we the "Republican Base" are being pushed by the republican leadership to accept "Legalizing People That Shouldn't Be Here In The First Place" and to vote for a libertarian candidate to beat the democrats because the republican leadership absolutely sucks as bad as Billary Clinton and her communist democrats.

The libertarian republican leadership gets into their media empire and shouts out, "Donald Trump Can't Win The General Election" because he will offend people that hate capitalism and all the rubber stamped spanish that organize to empty mexico into the U.S.. But those of us who are educated know the only problem Donald Trump is going to have in the general election is with the republican libertarians who are trying to defend their communist democrat relationship.

The libertarian republicans are in fact just blue dog democrats that were pushed out of the democratic party by the hardcore communists. The fight between the libertarian blue dog democrats and the hardcore communist government has always been about a large communist government vs a small business communist government and this fight continues to the day decades after the blue dog democrats infiltrated the republican party and gained leadership positions to the point there's no pushback on most of the hardcore democrat issues. "True". When pushback from the "Tea Party" arose from Ross Perot's old 1990's "Reform Party" the libertarians jumped into that to take control before it got out of hand to float away from the libertarian business communist agenda that sided with most of what the communist democrats are pushing.

This whole liberal democrat mess that is being pushed can all be blamed on the libertarians in the republican party that fully support most of it. The reality behind it is the libertarians never gave any pushback on it because of course they are fully in acceptance of a authoritarian democrat style government that is small in nature and controlled by business.

I hear a lot about a "New World Order" and that "New World Order" is nothing but a "New Form Of Communism" that dictates racial makeup, who gets what jobs, who gets government jobs, what people can say, what people can have and a "Government Spending Economy". The libertarians like most of it and only fight the democrats on positions they disagree with.

If we let the democrats and the republican libertarians get away with installing their agendas the "United States Constitution" won't be worth the paper it's written on. The United States Constitution will only be a past historical event that only lives in the hearts and minds of "People Whom Were Once Free" as a past memory.

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