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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Government Education Funds Diverted To Immigrant School Districts Causing U.S. Citizen School Failures

We March To The Tune Of A Better Education But Immigrants Are Put First

Written By James Allan | 7-6-2016

A Speculative Article That Takes A Look At U.S. Citizen Education Failures And Underfunded School Districts

This article only takes a speculative look at a problem that may be happening because of the democrats who are without a doubt putting racial diversity over the education of all U.S. citizen children as a whole. This situation I'm writing about hasn't been studied with application to the education of U.S. children but has without a doubt been proven with regards to diversification of the immigrant adult population in the U.S..

Business keeps complaining about not having enough labor to fill tech type jobs in the U.S. and we all know that business does very little training and rely's on the government to feed business with qualified personal to do the jobs that earn business their profits. I myself have always been under the thought that business should be doing their own training of personal they need so they can earn the profits that fill the pockets of "One Man or One Women" so to speak. School is just to give the general population a basic education so they won't walk around dumb founded and will be able to function in a society based on education.

More emphasis by the U.S. government has been on educating and enhancing foreigners in the U.S. without a doubt leaving U.S. citizens to struggle as they did before they built an economic system that produced for them. The question is, "Are U.S. Citizen Children Being Pushed Aside Concerning Education" so more attention can be applied to immigrant children in the U.S. legal and illegal that fulfills the ideology of the democrats to the point business is crying for educated labor that's not at their disposal anymore? Is the reason why so many high tech jobs go unfulfilled due to the democrats diverting attention away from the so called, "U.S. Citizen Privilege Children" to the children of foreigners in the U.S. illegally and legally?

There have been many government programs produced throughout the presidency's of our nation and they have all failed. "Why Did They Fail" beyond the incompetence of the elite that have been elected to make them work? Of course with the democrat and libertarian republicans we have elected officials that will not survive under an educated working population. But still, what about the programs that taxpayers spent billions of dollars on to get children educated that haven't worked? Did our elected democrat and libertarian elected officials produce these programs to educate children to get votes then divert the funds to immigrant populations in the United States? Is this the question to be looked at as the reason why the education of U.S. citizen children has always been a failure?

Teachers? It's well known and fact a lot of teachers in the U.S. are just plain "BaD" and just show up in the classrooms to present information without having to "Teach" the information. These bad teachers are kept in schools by unions that support illegal immigration. Unions only support illegal immigration and massive legal immigration to keep wages low in non union businesses so the unions can preach they can get people higher wages if they join and support their unions.

As for the government cash that was and is being used to enhance the education of the United States citizen youth? New computers, high speed internet, pencils and paper are tools needed but they "Don't Teach" and only being sent to school districts that are poor and most likely filled with huge immigrant populations. If a school district is poor the reasons for it being poor has to be looked at and sending government paid for tools to it isn't going to increase the wealth in the poor school district. 

Over the decades of government youth enhancement in poor school districts you'd expect to see areas around poor school districts become less poor due to higher education but this surely isn't the case. These poor school districts are becoming poorer as the immigrant populations build up in low rent school districts and government cash is diverted from U.S. citizens educational needs to school districts with high legal and illegal immigrant populations that are not producing educated immigrants that enhance the U.S. and leaving U.S. citizen children void of the higher education that belongs to them.

This question has to be looked at. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being funneled into school districts with high immigrant educational failure rates leaving U.S. citizens shortchanged on their education rights which is resulting in businesses not being able to find the educated U.S. citizens to fill job positions available. If you take a look at black U.S. citizen areas that are an "aobamanation" of failure you will most likely see these areas are surrounded by areas of large immigrant populations. Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, etc..... are examples of cities with huge immigrant populations that are in the area's of large black U.S. citizen populations with high educational failure rates.

There's hundreds of towns and cities in the southwest that are between 40% to 90% hispanic immigrants and this is where all the educational dollars are going leaving black school districts underfunded and struggling for staff, security and building maintenance. Predominately white school districts are suffering rollbacks on the quality of education they can deliver also.

The U.S. government moves immigrants into affluent so called "White Neighborhoods" and the immigrant educational failure rates in these welfare families still remain the same as if they were in poor neighborhoods. 

Hillary Clinton is preaching "Children" "Children" and "Children" to get votes and she will no doubt create some child education plan that will spend billions of taxpayer dollars on illegal alien children that will draw down funding for the so called, "Affluent White" and "Poor Black" school districts creating an even larger shortage in labor needed by businesses. Hillary Clinton has and will claim "Racism" is the cause of people with brown and black skin color not getting these jobs but the fact and reality is "Black And White" U.S. citizen educational needs are being diverted to areas with high immigrant populations short changing both "Black And White" children of their rights to access to the "BEST" educations the U.S. can produce for them.

There's plenty of past reports of quality teachers that will not teach in these immigrant areas because of the high crime rates. The teachers are in fear of their lives and get beat up on a regular basis leaving these poor school districts with foreign born immigrant teachers that are inadequate. The reports I've seen mainly consist of out of control black students thumping teachers in poor school districts that are usually surrounded by high immigrant populations. These poor school districts mainly consisting of black U.S. citizen students are poorly maintained and understaffed because taxpayer money is being diverted to school districts with huge immigrant populations. Even though "White" school districts are doing somewhat better they are being short changed also leaving many white children at an educational disadvantage.

Hillary Clinton and her communist democrats, libertarian republicans can preach children until they are blue in the face but the education of U.S. children to fill the job demands of U.S. businesses will never be fulfilled as long as government educational funds are being directed to failing immigrant populations that, "Should Not Be Here". U.S. citizen blacks can cry, burn down their towns in disgust and let their black children murder each other as rebellion but until they quit voting in democrat government leadership that diverts their working taxpayer dollars to immigrant school districts away from their school districts nothing in U.S. black citizens areas will ever get better and white dominated school districts will become increasingly worse.

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