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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Shooting Of Police Officers By Trained Soldiers Of The Street Ready To Die

The Police Are Viewed As Combatants Once Left Alone But Now Engaged By Street Warriors

Written By James Allan | 7-17-2016

Of course we all know the soldiers of allah train their minds that if they die they will get many virgins in a divine place with many rewards because they pleased allah. But what's not said in media is gang members are trained not in the same sense as muslims but as warriors of the street in battle with elements that are opposite of the gang they are a part of. These opposites include rival gangs and police.

In the world of the black U.S. citizen in most mindsets it's racism that keeps them in poverty but this train of thought is "Self Induced" because of the democrat created law of "Jim Crow" put in place for almost 100 years. The problem with this black mindset of racism is even during slavery and jim crow blacks that got themselves educated rose up into prominence and wealth as much as any white. There were wealthy black land owners that owned black slaves. Those black slaves that got themselves educated rose out of discrimination and produced great life styles for themselves.

The fact of the matter is the police being shot by blacks at this time is a direct element of the "Black Street Gang Warrior" training with the mindset input they will die in battle. Sure, hispanics do this and white motorcycle gangs have this training also. Many of these street gang members go through the U.S. military training as did the Dallas cop killer did to enhance their skills.

The "Black Panthers" is the leading street gang model that is set in a military atmosphere at war with white people. All the other black street gangs follow the Black Panthers lead. The mexican mafia is the role model for the mexican street gangs. White gangs went motorcycle in the 1950's so you don't see any real white street gangs. Maybe some scattered nazi and KKK organizations that don't do the street gang thing.

In every major city ghetto that's occupied by black and hispanic gangs you see blacks shooting blacks in record numbers.  There are hispanic vs black wars you never hear about because most of the war in city ghettos is black territory fights. Same thing in hispanic neighborhoods also. Hispanic gangs battle it out for territory with each other. With the "Black Lives Matter" movement which was originally the "Occupy Movement" you hear media about blacks shooting blacks in record numbers to counter the "Black Lives Matter" false rhetoric about police shooting blacks because of racism. The truth is whites get shot by police in far greater numbers than blacks.

The "Occupy Movement" aka "Black Lives Matter" is fully driven by the white far left communists to promote false racism in an effort to steer public thought to communism. The black trained warriors under their trained thought that they will eventually "Die In Battle" are emerging to kill police officers due to the false rhetoric being spewed out by the "White" controlled "Black Lives Matter".

Sure, there are bad police officers patrolling the cities and towns that overreact and shoot people without justification but they are very few and whites die in unjustified police shooting more often than blacks. 

The truth is police officers shot fleeing people in the back regularly until 1985. This was a common practice until the 1970's when people started to complain about it. If you got caught "In The Act" and were ordered to halt but decided not to follow the orders of the police officer and ran the police officer would legally shoot your ass in the back. Now the police officers are ordered not to shoot unless their lives are threatened. The police can still shoot you in the back as you are running away if you have a weapon in your hand and their is a threat to others. The black man in Chicago that was shot walking away with a knife in his hand was unjustified because he posed no threat to others and the cop shot him many times after he was down. The Baton Rouge killing of the CD selling guy will be justified if the CD guy got his hand on the gun in his pocket. If you're carrying a gun and move your hand towards the gun you will be shot.

From Wiki, U.S. Supreme Court Ruling

Under U.S. law the fleeing felon rule was limited in 1985 to non-lethal force in most cases by Tennessee v. Garner471 U.S.. The justices held that deadly force "may not be used unless necessary to prevent the escape and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious bodily harm to the officer or others."[2]

A police officer may not seize an unarmed, nondangerous suspect by shooting him dead...however...Where the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a threat of serious physical harm, either to the officer or to others, it is not constitutionally unreasonable to prevent escape by using deadly force.

— Justice Byron White, Tennessee v. Garner[3]

Fleeing felons may be followed into places not open to the public without a warrant if the officer is in "hot pursuit" Deadly force that is executed by a co-defendant against an accomplice is not justified by the fleeing felon rule.

The police are not allowed to shoot people running away anymore unless they pose a threat to others or the police officer. The police officers that overreact are slowly but surely being filtered out but once in awhile one will slip through the cracks.

What people are seeing now with the ambushes and killing of many police officers is the "Black Panther" type military training where the shooters like the muslims are fully trained and indoctrinated into the idea of them the shooters creating the ambush and killing the police will die in battle for the cause. The hispanic gangs are the same way. Again, this is shown on the streets of Chicago and in other cities with blacks killing blacks in a war type atmosphere and the participants of the battles ready to die in street combat.

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