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Friday, February 24, 2017

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski Simply Voices In Anger, "The Media Controls What People Think"


I'd Expect Artificial Intelligence Is Going To Produce The "Kool Aid" We Have To Drink Now

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Written By James Allan | 2-24-2017

Well, was it a slip of the tongue or an outburst of competition against Donald Trump who is taking the reins through speaking the truth from the communist liberals at NBC (Nationally Broadcasting Communism) so the public can draw their own conclusions. Donald Trump only is speaking the truth and if the MSNBC anchors are under the impression that they are losing control of what people think it must be true that the liberal left communist media is actually out to control what people think. Communists and dictators always gain control through misleading information and control of media outlets.

Everyone was under the impression Mark Cuban had his head in a bucket when he came out and supported hillary clinton for president but when he went on O'Reilly's Fox News show and admitted publicly through his answers that artificial intelligence was going to take over the work force in the U.S. and human workers were going to have to be placed by the government in jobs showed his true motives of a communist government just as much as Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC did with her slip of the tongue admitting main stream media is suppose to chose what people think. Mark Cuban really sounds like he's really out there with his tin foil hat on that is picking up signals from some artificial intelligence the democrats created.

Actually artificial intelligence would be better and a big uptick of intelligence over the intelligence the democrat party displays. The democrat party needs artificial intelligence as their party leadership. The democrats are now all connected through artificial intelligence through experimental tin foil hats.

 A moment of silence must be taken as the shock sets in but that won't happen because we already knew what MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski told the world as she melted down in her moment of despair is true as the conversation turned her thoughts to the self built rivalry between Donald Trump's Truth and the liberal left communist indoctrination that brought the truth of what NBC has become to slip from her tongue.

NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN have all become under the control of CEO's through the years that are oriented politically to a communist regime. This isn't soviet or chinese communism that's being displayed by the executives of these media outlets but is in fact a new type of communism that's centered on the globalization of communism under a one world government with no borders. U.S. Citizens don't get the choice of if this happens because the communist democrat party has chosen for us. Finding a conservative on staff or employed at any of these new media outlets I'd expect would be impossible.

Once a communist CEO gets installed he/she will systematically remove all conservatives and replace them with like minded communist loyalists. The same behavior was happening when barack obama was president, he was systematically removing all republicans and replacing them with communist loyalists and this is exactly what President Donald Trump is facing now with all the government leaks.

Mika Brzezinski, Mark Cuban and other deeds that have been done by the communist democrat party is surely showing intent to take the United States away from the U.S. Constitution and into a no borders world where the violence in unsavory countries is accepted as a normal way of life. Hugging babies and and pulling heart strings is being used as the tool to deceive U.S. Citizens by the democrat politicians through their controlled main stream media.

It's a wonder the democrats haven't brought back, "The Jetsons" cartoon that would showcase the communist democratic party as people that will provide world happiness, flying electric cars and bubble homes up on top of shiny towers in the sky where all the work below is done by artificial intelligence that provides everyone with free food, free school, free medical, free entertainment and free consumer products.

Mark Cuban most likely will be looking for an up and coming business on Shark Tank to invest in that can reproduce the "Tin Foil Hat" that will connect everyone to the artificial intelligence. Mika Brzezinski has her tin foil hat and when she speaks you can tell she's using it. Nancy Pelosi acts and sounds like she over uses her tin foil hat and there's to much communication with the artificial intelligence. Tin foil hats have been being tested by the elite communists for years. Just think of it, "The Communist Democrats Want Artificial Communist Intelligence To Control What Everyone Thinks" and they admitted it through aggressiveness.

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