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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence On Facebook And The Lefts Push Of False Reality Over What's Real


We As Many May Be Outnumber By The Few With Files Filled With Electronic Personalities

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Below Written By James Allan | 1-9-2017

First of all, this article is pure speculation since the topic of artificial personalities on Facebook is only hearsay. There is positive evidence that Facebook is engaging in building artificial intelligence but there's only articles about them improving their profits though it. I've read some small talk by individuals that are fearful and believe Facebook is creating electronic personalities to engage in social media thought manipulation. 

With the rise of the conservative party and Google Plus, Facebook is readying itself for a downward membership trend that will lessen the advertising profits enjoyed by the social media giant for well over a decade. The speculation is Facebook is building a computer generated file of artificial personalities to interact with the millions of members that use the website for their social pleasure. 

With the founder of Facebook mulling over a presidential run this system of artificial intelligence is being tested among his most likely voters in sessions of low impact that blend the voice of this artificial intelligence into the issues of his supporters as an added statement of support, to arouse the political base and to sway opinion. Eventually this artificial intelligence Facebook is building will attempt to sway the vote away from a country that is self reliant on its citizens to a country that is reliant on a global government.

Facebook has been experimenting with artificial intelligence for over 5 years now to improve its profits in its, "Open Compute Project" but the scuttlebutt that I've read in personal posts have produced the thought that the artificial intelligence Facebook is involved in creates personalities that can interact with the human personalities that use Facebook for worldwide social contact. Articles on relevant named artificial intelligence projects started to surface this year in 2016 that Facebook is working on computers that learn without being programmed.

Quote From: Inside Facebooks Artificial Intelligence Project 
So, just as Facebook set out to rebuild the hardware industry half a decade ago with the Open Compute project, it has more recently created an internal platform to harness artificial intelligence so it can deliver exactly the content you want to see. And it wants to build this “machine learning” platform to scale. (“Machine learning” is a form of artificial intelligence that allows computers to learn how to operate without being pre-programmed.)

Why not take advantage of building a conscience that is electronic to steer results for political means? If globalization is the way that is seen as the answer by anti U.S. activists then many people will have to be convinced without debate so globalization can be deemed as positive. Globalization has been tried numerous times and has always failed because it creates poverty for those who enjoy prosperity but with the believers of globalization the square peg will fit in the round hole so they proceed to push on no matter how many lives are lost in their effort to create a reality that is false.

Through artificial intelligence the thought can be introduced and the debate responses will not emotionally effect the artificial intelligence introducing the thought. Millions upon millions of introductions can be made endlessly without the fear of thought turnaround by the artificial intelligence giving the output. Indoctrination of non believing humans is effective but coupled with indoctrination from artificial intelligence makes the non reality a reality to those that are mostly swayed by what popularity tells them is truth. In times past it's always been popularity of thought that makes the decisions that are bad. It's only when the bad appears that the turnaround to the non popular prevails.

Is one of your friends that comments real or are they memorex? Did you create a thread and get a response that comes from an electronic file of saved answers that matches up with the word structure in your post? Is Facebook on the cutting edge of creating a social media experience that is controlled by "Fake" electronic personalities?

Also Read: Inside Facebooks Artificial Intelligence Project

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