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Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Non Politically Correct Refreshing Speech Of Donald Trump


Donald Trump Cracks Down And Uplifts U.S. Citizens 9 Days Before Being Inaugurated 

Donald Trump Full News Conference 1-11-2017 Calling CNN Fake News

By James Allan | 1-12-2017

I watched Donald Trumps press conference today, 1-11-2017 and was refreshed that he talked blunt like me and didn't put on the mask of political correctness as the libertarian republican rinos and democrats always do in their efforts to "Fuzz" over the truth to U.S. Citizens because their pompous minds get themselves under the impression they know better than the people they are elected to serve.  

John McCain, Mitt Romney and other prominent libertarian republicans have always stated jobs were not coming back. Donald Trump is bringing jobs back. I sure do look forward to more refreshing speeches and news conferences by Donald Trump after January 20th.

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