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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Donald Trump Capital "All Stars" Are Soon To Be The National Sensation


Government, Creating An Environment So We Can Decide

Written By James Allan | 1-18-2017

The Donald Trump "All Star" team is now in place and a new day is before us. The 4th of July has returned after 8 long years of being absent. We are again becoming who we should be instead of what they the opposition with educated mental disabilities desires us to be. We walk on nobody but we will not let anybody walk on us.

We live to make our own decisions good or bad and for those that are of need for others to make decisions for them that are always bad then, "To Bad". We want the opportunity to make decisions for ourselves that can lead to success or failure and if we fail, then so be it. We live by our decisions and we fail by our decisions.

It is unacceptable to elect people that are constantly making decisions that are keeping us in failure. Elected officials that are creating failure for us are failures themselves no matter what their status in life is and how much financial freedom they gained from keeping us in failure. Their success isn't ours and when they keep their success above ours changes have to be made.

The teachers that teach us no matter if they are our parents or paid are suppose to teach us to decide for ourselves what's correct and not teaching us to their personal liking. When the teachings are to the teachers liking our chances of failure grows greater as the teachers personal way takes away from those who won't go along with the teachers personal liking's and the loss to those who resist the personal liking's start to fail which causes all to fail.

Sure, if we make decisions that lead us to failure a place that we can land that is free of crime and hostility is desired. A place of semi comfort will be desired as we wallow in our failure and say, "Shucks", I should have zigged instead of zagged but our own way to failure is the way we wish over having our government being to blame for the failure we are neck deep in. The place that is created for failures to land will not be the place for those who can get back up to live their lives out of.

Building a culture in the U.S. that allows the media, movie, television, political and business professional elites to make the decisions as a group for U.S. Citizens, "NO". These individuals and groups will always revert into making decisions that are best for their own personal interests and push out personalities that don't fit their mold.  

The newly elected "Capital Hill All Stars" is about creating economic sense that benefits U.S. Citizens but also about the building of a social conscience where all Citizens of the United States are able to make well informed decisions for themselves out of the cradle and throughout their adulthood in a society where a person lives or dies by the decisions they make for themselves. It's called, "Freedom Of Choice" in a "Free Educated Republic".   

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