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Monday, January 23, 2017

Voter Fraud, So Ingrained As A Tool To Win Politicians Learned How To Use It Well


Voter Fraud Committed By The Democrats Goes Beyond Just Illegal Aliens. Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Into Registering Dead People And Pets, Removing Electronic And Paper Ballots Cast For Republicans

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Written By James Allan | 1-23-2017

I keep hearing about how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Even Fox News spews this out relentlessly. The problem that exists is "Everyone Knows" there's massive voter fraud in the U.S. election system but nobody wants to admit it in the media public or private. Voter Fraud is actually a learned tool of the political profession. Whom ever does voter fraud the best usually gets the edge on the opposition. The democrats are the best at voter fraud and the voter fraud is known to be so massive in California if the Federal government audited the 2016 presidential results Hillary Clinton's loss in the popular vote would be massive even without all the electronic and paper ballot republican votes that can never be found.

Donald Trump busted a hole in the so called North Eastern "Blue Wall" because republican voter turnout was greater than the democrat cheating machine. Most likely a lot of the democrats that were engaging in the voter fraud machine were being hit hard financially by Barack Obama and the Congressional democrats push for globalization so they backed off and let Donald Trump win.

Washington State, Illinois, California and New York State are known democrat strongholds in the political world where massive voter fraud is known to exist. Sure, the politicians that run the state will always try to save the embarrassment to themselves and say to the media that voter fraud is a myth. The problem with that is the general public knows voter fraud exists in the states they reside over and in many of their state districts out going democrat politicians are always replaced by new democrat politicians?

Everyone knows the democrats have command over voter fraud in the U.S. as their system of casting millions of false ballots can be surpassed by no other. The democrats have dived into their system so heavily if voter fraud were to end the true voice of the people would be heard and many democrat politicians that are seedy would have their careers come to an end.

 My thoughts are that "Voter Fraud" is so ingrained within our corrupt Federal and State governments nobody wants to fix it and have constructed ways of using voter fraud to their favor as much as possible. A person can actually get hired and make their career as a professional voter fraud consultant. "Go To Jail?", only the person that gets caught casting multiple ballots goes to jail and they are so few and far between you only think that law enforcement is doing their jobs. Can a dead person go to jail? The state government of California wants to extend voting rights to illegal aliens and this is in the news and proven. Will any Federal government agency chase down and arrest the hoards of illegal aliens Barack Obama and the state government of California encouraged to vote? Also in the news was a state wide hispanic voter registration drive throughout areas in California known to be populated with illegal immigrants.

Why isn't the federal government auditing California elections after the state politicians have admitted they want to extend voting rights to illegal aliens and have huge hispanic voter registration drives in known districts of California that are populated by illegal immigrants?

California registered millions of illegal alien hispanics and the democrats have blocked out inspection of the votes. Our lame federal government won't even go in and fully investigate and audit California elections and the state politicians that govern the state elections. The Federal government does have the, "Federal Election Commission" that governs political finances. Why with all the known voter fraud is the Federal Election Commission not given greater authority to monitor state elections as an independent overseer not to be swayed by democrat or republican politicians. 

The Federal Election Commission can be set up as a branch of, "Inspector Generals" that monitor state election voter fraud with full access to all state voter registrations and election results. Some anti democrat state politicians have already compared voter registrations against actual voter turnout and found massive voter fraud. The Federal Election Commission could be given the authority to do this over state politicians objections.

Voter fraud is a huge issue that keeps getting swept under the rug. Some media attention is given to it but not enough. Some minor investigations take place when the republican politicians find it but are always blocked by the entrenched democrats. We the people know there's massive voter fraud taking place within the democrat party and we want it ended. Sure, there's some squirrely republican politicians that attempt voter fraud acts but the republican party base filters out these personalities and they are not abundant. It's the democrat party that's entrenched in massive voter fraud due to their communist leanings. 

There's a few private voter fraud organizations that sniff out underhanded dealings but most of the voter fraud in contained within the tight nit closed mouth democrat party in state governments they control. These private voter fraud organizations can't gain access to the inner workings of the state governments. A good idea would be to empower the Federal Election Commission to audit all federal and state elections so access could be gained immediately and pair up the private voter fraud organizations with the Federal Election Commission. This pairing up of lets say, "True The Vote" a private organization with the "Federal Election Commission" to monitor elections would just about solve the problem and end the massive voter fraud endorsed by entrenched political parties.    

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