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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Barack Obama Blames The Russians For Hacking Instead Of Julian Assange To Keep His Secrets Kept?


Barack Obama Attacks Anyone That Rejects His Plans For Communist Globalization But Is The Real Story About Obama Creating Tension With Russia Whom Rejected The U.S. Type Of Communism While Diverting Attention Away From The Stolen Documents By Private Bradly Manning?

Written By James Allan | 12-29-2016

Fck Obama! This is just obamas last ditch effort to create instability in the world against anyone that goes against the U.S. democrat parties plan for "Globalization" of the world. No matter how bad the democrats globalization plans get rejected they are going to press on no matter how much of a push back builds against them. Obama is out to start WWIII and I've posted this thought before many times without any redirection of my thoughts. 

Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks is an elite hacker who is probably one of the best in the world and all thought at this time points to him hacking into the democrat party's web sites as payback for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama attacking Julian Assange.

Hillary Clinton for some reason hates Julian Assange to no end after Wiki Leaks released stolen diplomatic documents by the traitor Army Private Bradly Manning. There's something in those leaked documents that Hillary Clinton doesn't want to be seen I'd suspect now. To this day nobody has picked up on whatever is in those leaked documents that Hillary Clinton wants to be kept secret, "Not Even Julian Assange Has Picked Up On What Hillary Clinton Wants Kept Secret" and the democrat party is out to destroy Julian Assange to keep the information from being revealed. 

Julian Assange hasn't found the Clinton kryptonite in those document leaks from Private Bradly Manning so he's paying Hillary Clinton back by hacking into the DNC emails and Podesta's Gmail account after he was attacked by Hillary Clinton for something he knows nothing about. It isn't Julian Assanges fault obamas political team was so lax on security and he knows not why Hillary Clinton has basically targeted him for death.

Article From "The Hill" 
It’s unclear why Assange has such a grudge against Clinton, though it appears to be rooted in part in the prosecution of former Army Pvt. Chelsea Manning for the leak of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. 
In a June 12 interview on British TV, the Australian-born Assange argued against a Clinton presidency based on his "personal perspective. 
He said Clinton is one of the main U.S. officials pushing to punish him for the release of the Manning cables. 
At the time, Clinton called the publication “an attack on the international community. 
Manning is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence. Assange has not been charged. 
“We do see her as a bit of a problem for freedom of the press more generally,” Assange said. 
In February, Assange, who is living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and is avoiding a rape charge in Sweden he claims is politically motivated, published an on WikiLeaks calling Clinton a “war hawk with bad judgment who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people. 
“She shouldn't be let near a gun shop, let alone an army. And she certainly should not become president of the United States,” he wrote.

I'm not fan of what Putin is doing but in all logical thought the russians are not the only hackers in town! Most computer geeks find it a challenge to hack into web sites and the bigger the web site the better. Sure, the U.S. intelligence community may have found fingerprints but the russians are not the only ones that use the one hacking program used to get into the DNC's computer. Julian Assange most likely has a library of computer hacking programs since Julian Assange is a, "Computer Programmer" and expert hacker.

All in all, my speculation is that there is damming information in the documents leaked by Private Bradly Manning against Hillary Clinton. Hey Hillary Clinton, "Does The Leaked Information By Private Bradly Manning Contain Information On Where The Missing 6 Billion Dollars From The State Dept Went?". Something in what Private Manning leaked is freaking Hillary Clinton out to no end and as of today nobody has found Hillary Clintons kryptonite in those documents. Sure, lots of other corrupt things were leaked and found out about Hillary Clinton that should have brought her down and accusations of mysterious deaths surrounding Hillary Clinton but Julian Assange is starting to sound like the one that got away from Hillary Clinton and a mysterious death.

We all know now that Hillary Clinton without a doubt is after Julian Assange and can't get to him even though whatever is in those leaked Private Manning documents that is making Hillary Clinton crazy hasn't been found and realized. The thrill of the secrecy? 

Blaming Putin for a deed Bradly Manning committed and sent to Wikileaks Julian Assange who leaked the info and then hacked into the democrats web sites. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama didn't freak out when Eric Snowden stole much more info and gave it to the chinese and russians? But they are sure running around in circles over the afganistan military documents Bradly Manning stole? Is there some words, sentences or paragraphs in those documents Bradly Manning stole that is making Obama and Clinton run around in an endless circle that isn't about the military and just maybe tells the story of the missing 6 billion dollars from the U.S. State Dept.?

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