"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Political Parties Are Not Part Of The Structured Election System And Are Only Private Organizations That Can Be Dissolved


Political Parties Are Groups Of Beliefs And Ideologies That Come And Go. There's Not Going To Be Any Payback Towards The Russians From The Structured U.S. Government Because The Democrat Party Are Incompetent Misfits And Fail To Protect Themselves Let Alone Others 

Written By James Allan | 12-17-2016

First of all, political parties come and go over the decades and centuries. The "Democrat Party" and the "Whig Party" were the first political parties. The "Whig Party" was extinguished by the "No Nothing Party" (They were called the "Know Nothing Party" Because They Always Stated They Knew Nothing) in the 1840's and the "Know Nothing Party" was extinguished by the new "Republican Party" after 1855. The Republican Party is said to be the party of Lincoln because at the time Lincoln was on the rise as a prominent political figure.

Political parties are a collection of people based on beliefs and back in the early 1800's and before the majority of U.S. Citizens were Protestants that hated the mass legal immigration of Roman Catholics. The Protestants made up the "Know Nothing" political party that over the decades morphed into the "Progressive Workers" political party of the 1880's. At the same time the "Know Nothing" political party was morphing into the "Progressive" Party the russian "Progressive Communist Workers" party was forming in russia with Lennon on the rise.

The U.S. "Progressive" Party could not get elected so over the decades they infiltrated the Democrat party and with the massive immigration of russians into the U.S. after WWII communism started to take hold in the Democrat Party. Actually, the first communist put into office was "Henry Agard Wallace" by Franklin Roosevelt from 1941 to 1945. Henry Agard Wallace was a Progressive Party Communist chosen as V.P. to interact with the russians and the war effort against Adolf Hitler. In the mid 1960's the "U.S. Progressive Communists" were a major movement in the democrat party and now in 2016 the "Progressive Communists" are the Democrat Party using mass immigration to move the U.S. to a new form of socialist/communist government that's being rejected by the russian and china form of communism.

The "Libertarian" was born in or around 1796 in France. The "Libertarians" were born out of "Communists" from that time that fought for "Personal Liberties With The Elimination Of State" and over the decades slowly developed as a political movement in the United States in the mid 1900's until they formed their own political party in 1972. The Libertarians could not get elected so they started to run as Republicans only because the Republicans supported small government. Other than the small government outlook the Libertarians mostly side with the Progressive Communists in the Democrat Party because the Progressive Communist Democrat Stances on issues move the U.S. more in the direction of what the Libertarians believe. If you alter some of the Progressive Communist Democrat rules and policies you get the Libertarian Personal Liberty Social Stances so after the Libertarians get into power they just have to change a few things the Communist Democrats installed and Libertarianism is the law of the land.

The History Of Libertarianism 

The so called "Rinos" in the republican party are in fact the Libertarians that have infiltrated into the Republican Party since 1972. Congress is a mess with the Progressive Communist Democrats and the Libertarian Republicans fighting tooth and nail against each other on the issue of "Large Communist Government" and "Small Libertarian Government" in the present 2016 U.S. Government.

In today's 2016 presidential election the "Progressive Communist Democrats" are crying like  babies because they stated the russians hacked their web sites and released the hacked information through Wikileaks. The russian form of communism rejects the U.S. form of democrat communism and in 2011 Hillary Clinton moved against Putin's re-election so in 2016 Putin is said to be the one that hacked the DNC web site and Hillary's campaign managers email account. The fight has begun over which type of communism will prevail.

The government election system itself wasn't hacked by the russians and couldn't be hacked by the russians. The U.S. Election System that allows votes to be cast is the only part of the structured election system. The only cyber attacks were on the DNC website and Hillary Clintons campaign managers gmail account. "WHO GIVES A FLYING FCK ABOUT THOSE HACKS?". The DNC and John Podesta's gmail mail were "Private" accounts and have nothing to do with any state or federal government structured election system.

The DNC and Republican Party are, "PRIVATE" political organizations and "NOT" any kind of dept. of government or part of the structured election system and if they, CANNOT KEEP THEIR INTERNET ACCOUNTS SECURE then to fcking bad for them! These political parties are private organizations and if a foreign or domestic hostile entity blows them to hell then they can cry because nobody cares. Another political party will arise that's smarter and better. Not keeping their internet accounts secure in a private political organization with the millions they get donated to them just goes to show the kind of dumbfcks liberals are electing to run the U.S.. If you can't protect your own political party from well know threats that means your political party is incapable of protecting U.S. Citizens and the borders of the U.S. form external threats.

These private political organizations like the democrats and republican parties rely on your donations to survive. If you don't donate to them they, "Die" and go away which means they are not part of the structured election system. 

The democrats using the U.S. Government to create hostility towards foreign countries because of their own failings in their endeavors public or private is out of the question. Bringing us closer to a war because their private political entity that's not apart of the government or election system became violated when they know hacking is constant cannot be tolerated.

Political parties are just private organizations that are comprised of citizens that think alike who gathered to support and choose candidates that will enter the structured election system so managers of the United States can be chosen who will create laws under the guidance of the U.S. Constitution that U.S. Citizens can thrive and live free under.