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Friday, December 16, 2016

The Communist Democrats Will Pit The Good Against The Bad So Nobody Will Think Of Them As Bad


Putin Rejected The U.S. Communist Democrat Type Of Communism And Now That The Democrats Have Been Rejected By U.S. Citizens The Democrats Will Pit The Russians Against U.S. Citizens By Falsly Accusing The Russians Of Committing Cyber Attacks Against The U.S. Election System.

Written By James Allan | 12-16-2016

The reality of it all is Barack Obama and the Justice Department know if they state the Russians hacked into the election system and the truth is found out the Russians did not get into the U.S. Election system another bad mark will be written in Barack Obama's legacy. The democrat party may be mouthing off about the russians altering the U.S. Election results but Obama and the Justice Dept. is saying it's not true. Is Barack Obama stopping a future backlash from the russians against the U.S. for the democrat party lying or is Barack Obama just avoiding a russian backlash against himself if he lies about the russians?

The communist democrat party and media is going on full attack saying the Russians did hack into the U.S. Election system to overturn Donald Trumps presidential win and Barack Obama is saying they did not. I would say when Donald Trump gets into the White House in January Barack Obama will get slammed hard when it's discovered the Russians did not alter the election in Donald Turmps favor and there is and never was any indicators or evidence of it. I would say Barack Obama is finally wising up and telling the truth that the russians did not alter the 2016 presidential election in any way, shape or form. 

The russians may constantly hack but each individual state controls it's own separate election system that would take personal on the ground in each state to alter 50 separate election results as the democrats do constantly in Calif., Illinois and New York. I would really like to see an investigation into these 3 states election counts. How many registered voters are not citizens and a comparision of registered voters against how many people actually voted as in Detroit. In Detroit there are thousands more votes over registered voters in 37 precincts.   

As for the John Podesta emails being hacked, "Julian Assange" is a computer programmer and hacker. Wiki Leaks is base upon Julian Assange's skills at hacking into computers. Yes, other hackers do sell or give Julian Assange hacked information but the fact of the matter is Julian Assange is a, "World Class Computer Hacker" himself. 

The democrat party is lying about the russians altering the U.S. election system as a last resort to get Hillary Clinton into the presidency so all the work of moving the U.S. to the communist democrat type of communism since Bill Clinton was our president for 8 years won't be trashed by the republicans.

What is happening with this play of lying to overturn Donald Trumps election by the communist democrats is they are pitting the U.S. against the russians in a very bad way. The democrat party in the end is going to have the russians wanting some payback if Barack Obama lies and tells the world the russians altered the election results in the U.S. when it's not true. 

Barack Obama will end up having a major incident in the way of a muslim attack on him one of these days plotted and planned by the russians if Obama lies. The communist democrats always say they are against war but they are pitting the russians against the U.S. with this lie about the russians altering the election in Donald Trumps favor and it's just a damn good thing that Barack Obama publically stated the Russians are innocent. The russians had it better with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton then they will have with Donald Trump. 

President Bush was easy for the communist democrats to push around because George W. Bush is a libertarian and libertarians in the republican party vote with the democrats regularly and all support open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Now with Donald Trump winning the presidency the democrats are pulling their hair out and lying to no end about everything and anything as their last stand. Custer had his last stand and right here in the now the communist democrat party is having their last stand because they know Donald Trump is no libertarian George W. Bush and will destroy all the plans the democrats and libertarians have to move towards global communism.

The government election system itself wasn't hacked by the russians and couldn't be hacked by the russians. The only cyber attacks were on the DNC website and Hillary Clintons campaign managers gmail account. "WHO GIVES A FLYING FCK ABOUT THOSE HACKS?". The DNC and John Podesta's gmail mail were "Private" accounts and have nothing to do with any state or federal government election functions. 

The DNC and Republican Party are, "PRIVATE" political organizations and "NOT" any kind of dept. of government and if they, "CANNOT KEEP THEIR INTERNET ACCOUNTS SECURE" then to fcking bad for them! These political parties are private organizations and if a foreign or domestic hostile entity blows them to hell then they can cry because nobody cares. Not keeping their internet accounts secure in a private political organization with the millions they get donated to them just goes to show the kind of dumbfcks liberals are electing to run the U.S.

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