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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Removal Of All The Aliens That Make Us Last In Our Own Home Must Be Removed Over Time

Written By James Allan | 12-14-2016

The removal of all aliens is what we want and this is whats best for the personal financial stability of the U.S. Citizens that built this country over time and toil. Our grandparents and their grandparents struggled and died so we their future can continue to build it on top of what they built and not have it given away to persons that were not invited, do not belong and do not derserve over us the way and things we created for ourselves and for the future children we leave to build on top of what we built.

For all those politicians that do not abide by the removal of aliens and keep bringing in what keeps us down then it's time for you to suffer times that are worse than the times we have suffered through. Politicians are not the gods and rulers over what is best anymore and will be the footprints under our boots if they keep thinking their luck in life gives them the title to create bad luck in our lives so they themselves can create more luck for themselves.

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