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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Communist Party U.S.A. Uses A Picture Of Obama To Promote Rally Turnout

The Democrat Party Communist Party USA is using a picture (shown above) of Democrat Barack Obama in an article on the front page of their website on Wednesday, Sept. 24.

The picture shows Obama speaking behind a podium dressed with a “Stand for Change” sign, with a large “Change We Can Believe in” banner hanging in the background. Several sycophantic followers are

also holding smaller versions with the same slogan, more than likely taken during his initial presidential campaign during the “Hope and Change” mantra.

The article, “Voter turnout is the key,” is a report to the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) from their National Committee meeting on September 11, 2014, according to an editor’s note.

Sounding like a literal copy-and-paste job using words that could have come out of any modern Democrat’s mouth, including identical rhetoric as currently being used by the likes of Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Communist Party article is broken down into four categories: 1) Strategy, 2) New Trends, 3) Big Issues, 4) Proposals.
Is There a Difference Between the Democrats and the Communist Party USA?

“Our immediate strategy to build broad labor and people’s unity to defeat the extreme right wing is a major contribution. It is the foundation of all our work, not just electoral,” writes Communist writer Joelle Fishman on the CPUSA site under the “strategy” section of the article.

Under the same “strategy” section, it is noted that “economic, racial and gender inequality continues to widen,” and calls for “public investment in living wage jobs..,” rhetoric indistinguishable from that of the Democrat Party.

The article greatly indicates how, sadly, today’s major labor unions have been either highly poisoned, if not completely taken over by Communists.

Almost laughably, the
DNC Communist Party article even bashes the free market promoting, anti-cronyism businessmen the Koch brothers, sounding like a spokesperson of Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

“Defeating the extreme right wing in this election comes down to voter turnout,” says the Communist Party USA article, an indication that communists will be voting for their ideological twins, the Democrats, this election cycle, as in all previous elections.

The article continues, urging “building the strength and independent political structures of labor, women, youth, African-American, Latino, Asian Pacific and Native communities,” an indication that, like the Democrat Party, the Communist Party divides Americans into subgroups to be pandered to.

In this important Report at the Communist annual meeting, the “big issues” are identical to those of the Democrat Party, including “climate change,” minimum wage hike, amnesty, etc:

“Within the People’s Climate March, within the fast food organizing for $15 and a union, and within the movement to end racial profiling and police brutality and stop deportations the arguments have to be presented that connect these big struggles with expanding the electorate and pulling out the vote as necessary to win.”

Will the Democrat Party denounce the Communist Party USA? No, they can’t, because there is no difference between the two. They would have to shoot themselves in the foot.

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