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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The General Election Win Will Be About Which Party Gets Less Voters Staying Home


Just Put Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio's Picture In The Red Instead Of Mitt Romney And The Results Of The 2016 Presidential Election Will Be Clear To Everyone. The GOP Establishment Republicans Are Playing The Same Game They Did In The 2012 Presidential Election That Got Us A Second Term Of Barack Obama By Installing Ted Cruz Or Marco Rubio. Donald Trump Unites, "Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio" Repel. It's about the money with the democrats, it's about the rinos with the republicans. 

Tea Party Main Street | 3-2-2016

If Donald Trump doesn't get the nomination the general presidential election will come down to which political party has the less people staying home and "Not" voting. The election will not be about voter turnout as it's called but instead about how many pissed off people stay home democrat and republican.

A lot of news pundits that are anti Donald Trump are always stating the many voters will not turn out to vote for Donald Trump in the general election. But what they don't say and don't want you to see is that if Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz get the nomination masses of voters even bigger than what they say won't turn out Donald Trump, "Won't Turn Out" for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio as can be seen in the last election when Mitt Romney lost because people didn't turn out for him.

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney are all cut from the same cloth. With all the rejection of the establishment republicans that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio produce and are apart of does anyone really believe that the republican party is going to be united under Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio? The non turnout that happened to Mitt Romney will be double if Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio get the nomination. Especially after the truths about their real agendas get widely circulated. Everyone already knows that Marco Rubio will grant amnesty to illegal aliens but what isn't widely circulated yet is Ted Cruz's real agenda is "Legalization Of Illegal Aliens" that will set the illegal aliens up for future citizenship.

Donald Trump's after Super Tuesday win speech was so "Presidential" with excellent delivery and tone. I could really care less about tone because some politicians need a lot of tone but the tone in his after win Super Tuesday speech was pleasing. Many people do judge people off tone and basically those persons judging people off their tone are emotional wrecks that shouldn't be in charge of anything. Donald Trump would make U.S. Citizens proud to have him as president of the United States.

Donald Trump carried himself with grace and dignity after the vote count was over. I was hoping of coarse that he would do better but he did fine. I do my best to help Donald Trump promote his agenda because I'm a person that lost my income due to the past presidents agenda's. Donald Trumps agenda for the economy is what I also perceive as being correct to restore and build financial freedom for those who lost during the past agenda's. Donald Trumps economic plan nobody wants to listen to is the best path and in the best interests of U.S. citizens. Donald Trump's healthcare plan that everyone ignores is two parts consisting of a plan for people that can afford insurance and a plan for people that can't afford insurance or just don't want it. Many people hate the insurance companies and don't want insurance so there will be a way for them also to keep their health care up.

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