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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Politicians And Business Personalities Handing Out Legalization And Citizenship To Illegal Aliens For Personal Gain

Legalization And Citizenship For Personal Or Business Gain? "NO"

Written By James Allan | 9-10-2017

This wanting to legalize and create a so called "Pathway To Citizenship" of immigrants on a massive scale is insane! Nobody should be legalized and given U.S. Citizenship without a complete background check and discovery of the immigrants intentions, "Period". The economy will not crash if the immigrants are sent packing. Consumer prices may rise for a short period in months but will drop lower than they are now when businesses struggle against each other to get their products moving. This is the way the economy is suppose to work. Businesses fighting each other in competition to sell their products by lowering prices. 

No immigrant should be legalized or given citizenship for economic, political or personal gain to the immigrant or a business personality. No immigrant or refugee should be allowed to stay because they, "Contribute To Society" either. Our present business leaders and government have proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they are granting legalization and citizenship for economic and personal financial gain. All immigrants that want to become U.S. Citizens should only be allowed to do so because there's no question about their love for the country and its people and they have proved it through coming here legally, staying legal, acts against those who are not legal and denouncing their home country legally.  

In 2006 or 2007 when immigration became a huge issue I was talking to a woman who worked for the federal government on a non political forum. We were talking about the economy and the effects immigration was playing on peoples wages. She clearly stated the so called, "12 Million" illegal alien number that was being tossed around concerning how many illegal aliens were in the U.S. was based on, "How Many Home Loans Were Given To illegal aliens through HUD (Dept. Of Housing And Urban Development). She was pretty strong on this point. The 2008 housing market collapse was in fact caused by an overload of "Bad Home Loans" to illegal aliens in the derivatives market (The Private Market That Financial Institutions Use To Buy And Sell Home Loans)". These home loans were given to illegal aliens just for the purpose of political and financial gains. Refer to the 2nd paragraph above on this home loan to illegal aliens issue. 

The handing out of home loans by HUD to illegal aliens of course was done by Bill Clinton and Barney Franks in the 1990's. When George W. Bush became president he was advised to end this practice but refused to do so because it's now known George W. Bush and the whole Bush clan are in fact, "REPUBLICAN LIBERTARIANS" that support open borders and globalization. It was just George W. Bush's bad luck the housing market collapsed on his watch 3 months before Barack Obama took office. Bush was told to stop the home loans to illegal aliens so I guess he deserves the tag of being incompetent. 

Ben Carson can verify this 12 million number concerning how many home loans were given to illegal aliens during the Bush and Clinton years but most likely he will not because of the outrage that it would create with the democrats and libertarian republicans in congress. It's like nobody will toss Hillary Clinton in jail.

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