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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A Look At Mass Shootings And Killings That Occur Mostly In Democrat Controlled Political Districts

Compiled And Written By James Allan | 10-4-2017

This anti constitutional gun control push by the democrat party has been going on for years or should I say now, "Decades". All I see is the democrat party trying to take away U.S. citizens guns so no one can fight them as they install, "Communism". Same thing just happened in Venezuela, the government took away everyone's guns in 2012 and now the country is communist. 

I put together this list of "Mass Murders" in the U.S. and started taking a look at which political party district they were happening in. I thought there most likely would be a good split between the democrat and Republican parties but to my surprise, "Most Of These Mass Murders And High Profile Killings" were done in counties and cities all controlled by the democrats. I was astonished. All of the killings on this list even the ones in republican districts can be directly linked to the democrats in some form or another.

Only two mass killings were done in  republican controlled city's. Edmond Oklahoma in 1986 that only a few years before the city turned Republican was controlled by democrats for decades. The second one I found was the Murrah Federal Building bombing that was done out of revenge for Bill Clinton's botched assaults on Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Except for the Steve Scalise shooting which was a direct democrat supporter attack against the republicans I am not under the impression any of these mass killing shooters and bombers are politically motivated. Its yet to be seen if this latest Las Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay is politically motivated by a democrat supporter against Country Music fans whom are mostly gun toting republicans?  

I do not have any idea as to where this information is leading to and haven't done enough research to come to a final conclusion as to the democrats being solely responsible for all the mass killings and high profile murders that have taken place in the U.S.. This is just very interesting information I decided to take a look at. With all the research information I've come across over the years if I'd have to answer this question now with this list I have just compiled, the answer would be, "YES", the democrat party is responsible for all the mass murders and high profile killings in the U.S. due to democrat party policy and actions. 

The research that needs to be taken up and done to reach a final conclusion is if the democrats are aware that their play to get the U.S. to communism over the many decades is causing these murders to happen. The democrats may be directly responsible for all these killings if they know that their policies and laws of progressive communism are causing these murders and killings to happen. Are the democrats knowingly letting murder events happen to take away U.S. Citizens guns so there will be no physical fight against the communist democrat agenda? By the way the democrats act and display themselves after each killing I am strongly leaning towards they are aware as they are aware that they are responsible for the Benghazi massacre and deaths caused by their, "Fast And Furious Gun Running" to mexico.

Some of these mass killings below were done by the U.S. born children of muslim immigrant parents that were not vetted enough in their belief of Sharia Law. These immigrant parents raise their U.S. born children under Sharia Law. Sharia Law is becoming a dominate culture in "Democrat Controlled Districts" that are producing U.S. born children brought up in Sharia Law and ready to do some of these mass killings. "True"   

Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel Massacre - 2017 -  Clark County Nevada - 58 Killed - Democrat Controlled District

Orlando Nightclub Massacre - 2016 - Orange County Florida - 49 Killed - Muslim Radical - Democrat Controlled  District

San Bernardino Massacre - 2015 - San Bernardino County California - 16 Killed - U.S. Born Sharia Law Muslim Radicals - Democrat Controlled District

Boston Marathon Bombing - 2013 - Boston, Mass. - 3 Killed, Hundreds Injured - Foreign Born Muslim Radicals - Democrat Controlled District

Sandy Hook Massacre - 2012 - Newtown Connecticut - 27 Killed - Democrat Controlled  District

Fort Hood Massacre. Second massacre in Killeen Tx. - 2009 - Bell County Texas - City Of Killeen - 13 Killed - U.S. Born Sharia Law Muslim Radical - Bell County Is Republican But The City Of Killeen Is A Democrat Controlled City surrounded in a Republican county. The first Killeen massacre was in 1991.

Virginia Tech Massacre - 2007 - Montgomery County Virginia - 32 Killed - Democrat Controlled District

Murrah Federal Building Massacre - 1995 - Oklahoma County Oklahoma - 168 Killed - Republican Controlled County - Timothy McVeigh was from a Republican Controlled County, Niagara County New York. Timothy McVeigh attacked the democrats for the Bill Clinton assaults at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Killeen Massacre - 1991 - Bell County Texas - City Of Killeen - 23 Killed - Bell County Is Republican But The City Of Killeen Is A Democrat Controlled City surrounded in a Republican county. The second massacre in Killeen Texas was the "Fort Hood" military base massacre in 2009.

Edmond Massacre - 1986 - Oklahoma County Oklahoma - 15 Killed - Republican Controlled District Now. This was a democrat controlled district up until the early 1980's when it turned and stayed Republican.

San Ysidro Massacre - 1984 - San Diego County California - 22 Killed - Democrat Controlled District

Austin Massacre - University Of Texas Tower Shooting - 1966 - Travis County Texas - 18 Killed - Democrat Controlled District

Gabby Gifford - Democrat - House Of Representatives - Pima County Arizona - Democrat Controlled County - She was shot in her own democrat controlled district. Survived

Steve Scalise - Republican - House Of Representatives - Shot by a proven democrat assassin at the republican baseball game practice. Survived

Dylann Roof  - Black Church Goer's Assassin - Charleston South Carolina - Democrat Controlled District - Dylann Roof was said to be a confederate supporter because he was pictured with a confederate flag. The old confederacy was indeed "Democrat" and associated with the KKK/Nazi's now known to be fighting with the now known democrat party "Antifa" group. The democrat party has an internal struggle within its own party between their old confederate supporters and the up and coming antifa (Black Lives Matter) groups.

Cities: Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Miami and many other cities with high murder rates are all democrat party controlled.

States: California, Illinois, New York and all the other democrat controlled states have the highest crime and murder rates. These are democrat controlled states.

Murders and deaths caused by immigrants: You would not take a murder or death by an immigrant as a mass murder spree but if you study crime committed by immigrants you will see mass murder, deaths and crimes resulting from the millions of un-vetted  immigrants legal and illegal as a group being committed on a massive scale. Murders and deaths caused by immigrants is direct result of the Democrat Party serving immigrants over U.S. Citizens for votes.

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