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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The United States Democrat Party, Now Proven To Be The Politics Of The Communist Party U.S.A.

Video Below Shows The Communist Chair Giving The Exact Narrative Speech The Democrats Give Us, To A Group Of Indoctrinated U.S. Citizen Youth

Sam Webb, Chair Of The United States Communist Party

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2017

Not to many people may think much about this video of a beer belly that sounds like he's got a cud in his mouth but he is indeed the "Grand Poobah" of the "Communist Party U.S.A.". It's very hard to understand what this monarch of government controlled poverty is saying to the students he is talking to in his indoctrination speech but it is surely indoctrination about how global communism is greater than the capitalism that grows a persons intelligence and wealth.

Now you may ask me how someone preaching communism is perceived by educated U.S. Citizens to have any intelligence? My answer will be nothing in nature is perfect. Under capitalism the education is outstanding compared to the lack of education when U.S. Citizens feel their lives are better in a communist box for social or financial reasons. An example of natures mistakes in capitalism can be seen on the sidelines of NFL Football games with brute indoctrinated millionaires kneeling and showing the raised arm of the communist power fist during the National Anthem.

The Power Fist First Appeared As Communism Took
Hold In Russia With The False Promise Of Freedom
What proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the now U.S. democrat political party are indeed integrated with the "Communist Party U.S.A." is this "Chairman Of The Communist Party U.S.A.", Sam Webb, is giving the same exact narrative political message the U.S. democrat party is putting out in the media time and time again to us. You may take this as the communist party just supporting the democrat party on certain issues but the talking points are so exact after some thought you can only come to the conclusion that both the U.S. democrat party and the U.S. communist party are, "One In The Same Now".

Another point to look at is Hillary Clinton and other prominent democrats have publicly referred to themselves as, "Progressives" and in this video Sam Webb refers to their political push as the "Progressive Agenda" in which Hillary Clinton has been video taped many times pushing the same "Progressive Agenda". This can only mean the U.S. democrat party has been taken over by the "Communist Party U.S.A.".

The word progressive started to be used in the 1870's United States when chinese immigrants were being brought into the United States undercutting U.S. Citizen wages and "Worker Unions" were the new idea not yet developed. The communists started using the word, "Progressive" in the 1890's Russia when Karl Marx was promoting his communist ideology of government handouts to spread the wealth around. The Russians picked up on the communist ideology and started the, "Progressive Workers Party" before United States unions took hold in the early 1900's and used the communist power fist in their solidarity movement.

The 3 points in this speech that stand out,
* "Time Stamp 2:00" Sam Webb states, "We Can Set In Motion The Progressive Agenda Coming Out Of The 2012 Election". So Hillary Clinton calls herself a progressive and the communist Sam Webb claims the "Communist Party U.S.A." agenda is progressive. A telling story in itself.
* "Time Stamp 4:09" Sam Webb states, "Corporations Are Not Using The 2 Trillion Dollars Parked Overseas To Pump Up Union Pensions". Sam Webb just told the students he is speaking to that his "Communist Union Bosses" want these U.S. based business profits sitting in foreign banks to pay their loyal union personal and enhance the growth of the "Communist Party U.S.A. through financial means they want to steal from others. Everyone keeps wondering where the missing 6 billion dollars went to during Hillary Clinton's term as secretary of state under Barack Obama?
* Towards the end of the video Sam Webb starts to talk about unemployment, education, environment, global warming and starvation around the world just as the now U.S. democrat democrat party talks about line to line for their public talking points to pull heart strings and get themselves elected. The problem with these "Communist Talking Points" is, "It's An Illusion For The Installation Of Communism In The U.S. And World Wide Global Communism". It's the "SECRET" installation of communism that is causing all the problems in the U.S.. The communist democrat scheme is to blame capitalism for the failures that occur in the U.S. from the installation of communism.
Sam Webb and his democrat communist cohorts have created the narrative that all the problems in the United States are the fault of capitalism but the reality is all the failures in the U.S. are being caused by the installation of communism in the United States. The spin to blame capitalism as the failures occur from the installation of communism is the grand scheme. Sam Webb and the communist U.S. democrats are blaming capitalism as the cause of all the failures in existing communist countries around the world when in reality it's the communist governments around the world causing all the failures in their countries. Blaming capitalism for all the world's failures while communism is spreading and causing the failures is one of those things you only see in a made for T.V. 1960's spy type movie. If you open your eyes you will see it's happening right now in front of your face as your pleasant groomed neighbor walks out the front door in the morning to start his or her day pushing a communist agenda.

Here's a video Allen West did in 2012 with the "Communist" Libtard Soledad O'Brien on CNN. Allen West Identified progressive communism in the "House Of Representatives" back in 2012 and most people just laughed it off. Allen West identified about 80 hardcore communist representatives and people refuse to take him seriously. Just more proof of U.S. Democrat Party communism. People scream about the bad failing economy but don't listen if the communists sound "Nice"?
Existing communism around the world is know to be brutal to its citizens that live in a corrupt swamp of poverty. The U.S. communists have to try to paint and project a "Rosie" picture (Not Rosie O'Donnell Who Is A Communist) of a fantastic life experience under their type of new humanitarian government without letting anyone know they are walking into a communist reign that takes and never gives, reporters and activists against the government vanish, wealth is only held by the communists that administer the pain and speaking your mind will end your life.

If you are one of those muffed lefty's that have been taken in by the thought of a humanitarian government being presented to you by politicians whom hide their darkness and tell you business profits won't exist, puppies run free through a crowd of beautifully shaped naked human bodies in a field of flowers on a warm sunny day then I will suggest you dump your physiology professor or personal physiologist because they are, "Communist" and you have been indoctrinated.

A person may not like to go to work for a capitalist business that takes most of the money from your hard work but the communist government you elect will make you work for what they give after they take it all from your hard work that will go into the pockets of people you had no voice in electing. If you complain about the cockroach infested building they put you in they will take away your citizen work permit and the room that is cockroach infested so you will have to scamper around the town your assigned to looking for a place to sleep where others that lost their citizen work permits haven't relived their bowels in until you come and beg with a promise to the wealthy communist administrators you will keep your mouth shut and not be a problem.           

A better humanitarian way from U.S. communist democrat politicians that have been caught doing naughty and are already proven corrupt? You bumped your head on a hammer and sickle if you think that someone that is presently corrupt is going to be what they indoctrinated you to see them as. Politicians that have never let you know that they are part of the "Communist Party U.S.A." and the communist following these politicians enjoy are closed lipped about their communist political leanings. Does anyone who supports the U.S. democrat party think they are going to get a fair shake from from their politicians that have to lie and manipulate to get elected?

It's much better to hammer out the problems in our present capitalist government and forget about the no borders globalist communist agenda that is no way humanitarian based. Communism hides in the shadows of all countries that are not communist and creates poverty and despair in the shadows and  wherever it emerges as it's emerging now in the United States. It's much better for U.S. Citizens to ban together under capitalism to achieve the income levels that will sustain a decent income level though employment with less immigrants. To be humanitarian and improve peoples lives in other countries is to push for the removal of "Creeping Communism" by its citizens in their home countries. Flooding the U.S. with immigrants means taking in communists from countries that are poverty stricken by their own "Creeping Communism".

* In Capitalism, you serve your country and its borders. You elect only leaders that "Serve The People". You live free within set laws created by elected representatives that serve you according to the wealth you earn after you learn and become skilled. You do for yourself as dictated by your education level. People that have tried and failed can get minimal assistance from their elected government that serves the people. Immigrants cannot be allowed to cause U.S. Citizen failure as they are doing at the time this article was written. Immigrants are cheap labor and clogging up U.S. Citizen mobility to move from job to vacant job. A "Free Flow" of cash not restricted or taken away by government and/or business profits through cheap labor is essential so people with no skills can find an avenue to sustain themselves without government assistance. 

Upward financial mobility depends on business employment needs and if a business can find plenty of immigrants to fill job vacancies upward financial mobility for U.S. Citizens ceases to exist and failure is more prominent. Elected representatives that are letting immigrants or anything else halt a U.S. Citizens upward financial mobility are not serving the people and need to be removed. Education opportunities needs to be drastically advanced also. 

* In communism, "You serve the communist leaders that are "Not" elected and live under the control of the communist leaders you serve and their commands of the moment". All the wealth created by a countries citizens private or business gets taken by the government and spent as the government dictates. You are given what you get as long as you serve your appointed leaders. You are subjected to the mood and whims of the person appointed to handle your life. Your education level depends on how loyal you are to the appointed leaders you serve. You have no chance at wealth or upward mobility unless your lips are constantly puckered up and ready to kiss some hiny. People mysteriously disappear that do not submit.   

If we fight the war to keep the U.S. a free capitalist nation with borders against a "Named" communist enemy we surely will have a better chance to win the battles and eventual victory with a lessened U.S. Citizen loss of what they worked to gain. If we fight the war only against "Bad Politicians" our chances of winning the battles will be lessened and eventual victory will be lengthened into the distance future and only after many U.S. Citizens have lost what they have gained before the war against the hidden communist enemy began as in the 2008 housing market crash caused by the up and coming communist enemy which brought the war into the light through being caught. The reasoning behind calling the "U.S. Democrat Party" communists is to bring the hidden communists that now control the democrat party into the light so everyone in our now free nation knows the choice is either "Communist democrat" or "Capitalist" when they go into the voting booth that has not been corrupted.

Whom ever you are and whatever you do, "If you are fighting to keep the United States a free capitalist nation fight by calling the enemy with the name that  they truly are, "Communists". 

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