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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Donald Trump And The Hoards Of Middle East Moon Rocks That Won't Do The Warrior Dance

A Coarse Of Action The United States Should Take Over The Death And Destruction That's Coming From Barack Obama And The Communist Democrats The Peaceful Activists Created

What to do, what to do! This article is about the coarse of action Donald Trump will take with the middle east when he gets elected and not about muslims that consider allah to be the moon. Yes, the moon is allah under sharia law so it's appropriate to call muslims "Moon Rocks" that won't dance for themselves. Kinda Catchy!

Of coarse this article is based on educated speculation and has to be. Nobody can see the future but everyone can see the actions of us under the actions of what was elected to lead us by the people that wanted more from other peoples tax money but are getting nothing more than what they have always been able to get. 

You will see the "Moon Rocks" sparkle when it comes to lip flapping about victories that kill the innocent because the innocent are soft targets that hoards of sociopaths can feed their urges to kill with. One moon rock that is the martyr of lost life is the feeding tube for moon rocks that aren't as sociopathic to do the deed of destruction but still like the thrill of the kill.

The coarse of Donald Trump our next president won't be so "Rocky" with the moon rocks removed and our forces removed from where the moon rocks are amassed in the sand of once was the empire of clay and linen. The sand of once was is still the sand of once was because over the years all the mentally healthy were replaced by the mentally ill in an effort to keep the past world of worship and control in the same clay hut adorned with linen as the rest of the world shed the past and grew into the present.

Today's so called western society's may have it's problems with the race for the wealthiest to become more wealthy and its own masses of jealous deviants trying to topple the wealthy they purchase from and make wealthier through their built up thoughts of perfect for all the world over that can and will never be is far better than the society of mud huts, linen and moon rocks dancing to the cheers from themselves of innocents dying at their hands is even worse.

Donald Trumps coarse of inaction with the moon rocks in their place of mud huts and linen at this time in history is correct do to the bumbling's of the elected by the people only for the reason of beating the others that wanted to be elected too between the two parties of dimwits. The whole and only savior in U.S. society are the personalities of the "Tea Party" that support the correct path back to a society of correct and intelligent leadership of whom will make the correct choices and put U.S. citizens back on the path to prosperity instead of on the path to communist government dominance or a government of puppets controlled by business communism.

Yes, we were attacked by the moon rocks on 9/11 in a time that has passed and will forever be apart of our history books if we don't let the eastern society of communist sociopaths burn the history of what happened into ashes. We retaliated with our might soon after but do to the incompetence of us electing leaders that should not have ever been since 1992 the retaliation went bad and turned into a puss filled boil that poured out the stench of infection.

We have a treasonous leader in the presidency as of now that has been tagged with the word "Commibama" because he's bamaing us with communism backed by a congressional leadership of the same thought. Barack Obama and the democratic party are all lined up under the word, "Treason" and most likely will never be brought to justice for selling the United States out to foreign domination just because some have better lives than others. Under Barack Obama's communist government only the chosen few will have better lives than others with nobody having a better life as the U.S. constitution states with "Luck" being the picker of who gets to live better than others. Increasing your chances of being picked by "Luck" for the better life is just a matter of increasing your job skills, education and being a well rounded person.

Donald Trump is absolutely correct in wanting to back out of the middle east. As the forces of communism arrive to do the job our elected officials bumbled so badly getting out of the land of moon rocks that will not pick up weapons and do the dance of the warrior to save their own mud huts and linen is the only way to go. Not going to war with Russia in Barack Obama's WWIII is the best option. You can really tell who's insane by looking at the supporters that OK Barack Obama fighting a war for the U.S.. "Really", "BARRY GOES TO WAR!" backed by the insane sociopaths and liberals that always have a hand in their underwear!

The moon rock muslims will get a taste of what Russia and the communists bring and wet the sand with their tears of the U.S. not being there. The moon rock muslims will have to make a decision to fight for the right to use goats to satisfy their urges or succumb to the rule of communism that only has the one rule of government being the muslims new "Moon God".

Backing out of the middle east may mean higher gasoline prices due to the incompetence of the progressive democratic party as of now but backing out will give the United States a chance to reset and repair the damage done over past presidents and congresses and save the many lives of our military members who will just be used to bring the "War Powers Act" into play that Barack Obama and the United States communist democrats need to get the United States to communism. We will also have a chance to sort out and push aside the elected minds that have been incompetent over the last 24 years and filter out the incompetent minds of entering future elections to bring about a government that serves our United States nation of, "Citizens".

"NO WAR WITH RUSSIA". Let Russia and Iran have it. The muslims will have to fight their own war to take back what's being taken from them by the sociopath's that are not themselves or have a communist government thrust upon them as their new "GOD" with allah and mohammed being just a memory. If any of them think Iran and the Shiite's will prevail over Russia after the Russian and Iranian conquest has been done they better think again! Iran and the Shiite's are just pebbles in the sand that the communist Russians march the goose step on and will turn into a new holocaust if they get our of line.

Hat In Ring 10-7-2015

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