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Friday, May 17, 2019

China's Biggest Problem Is A Feeding Frenzy Occurring When Other Countries Take Back Their Manufacturing With Tariffs

China's Biggest Problem Is A Feeding Frenzy Occurring When Other Countries Take Back Their Manufacturing With Tariffs @ http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/

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Lifezette: Tariffs Are a Necessary Response to China’s Intransigence

Written By James Allan | 5-17-2019

If a feeding frenzy occurs with other countries that follow suite with the United States china will have major problems. Manufacturing in china supports "Europe", "Africa", "Central And South America", "North America" and "Asia". When countries on all these continents see financial relief through taking their manufacturing back and creating new manufacturing in their own countries the communist chinese government will be walking in circles bumping into themselves. The chinese government will survive if United States manufacturing is gone but their real problem is if other countries start pulling their manufacturing out of china also.

What will the chinese do? Will they go military on "South Korea" and surrounding countries as the chinese people have to go without what they have always gone without before they had plentiful jobs at $1.00 an hour? Will the chinese people rise up and execute every communist within china's borders to get "Michael Jordan" shoes from the west? Will crime be so great in china that the crime in mexico can be seen to be petty? Will the "Great Wall" that the chinese built to keep out "Mongolian" armies be used by "Mongolia" to keep chinese refugees out? Will china become a nation of tribal cartels whom embrace the types of the communism that turned china into tribal cartels like mexico?

In the end, "The World Would Be A Better Place" with better economic distribution to the worlds poor if ALL countries took back their manufacturing out of china and created jobs for most or some of their citizens. If foreign companies wanted to expand into other countries they will have to manufacture in the countries they want to profit in. The chinese people would eventually remove their communist government and have to compete as a part of the global economy.     

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  1. For the US I think immigration is the key. We cant have the types of open border policies with a social welfare system. American youth is to soft and weak of spirit to do the jobs the Chinese manufactures are doing sadly.