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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who To Vote For, A President That Will Get People Earning For Themselves Or A President That Gets People To Earn For Her


The 2016 Presidential Election Comes Down To If U.S. Citizens Want To Earn For Themselves With Donald Trump Or Earn For The Government With Hillary Clinton And Get What They Are Given

Written By James Allan | 9-21-2016

Once you vote there's no taking it back. You will have to live with your choice for another 4 years so look back at the last 8 years to see where you want to be in the next 4 years. Do you want a government full of corruption that steers wealth towards the government as you will get with Hillary Clinton or do you want a government that creates pathways to wealth for U.S. citizens as you will get with Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump knows how to get money moving into the pockets of U.S. citizens and he understands that when U.S. citizens start accumulating expendable income the economy works for everyone. Donald Trump knows how to run giant economies as his company is a giant economy in itself. 

The biggest reason why Donald Trump will provide for U.S. citizens of all classes is that Donald Trump refuses to have his name known as, "A Failure".  The presidential failures George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush and Barack Obama's names will go down in history as, "FAILURES" as they rightfully are. Hillary Clinton is already a failure and will go on the list as presidential failures without a doubt if she is elected. Donald Trump will not have his name put into the pot of presidential failures. Donald Trump does have an ego of success and likes to flaunt his success so for him to fail as president of the United States isn't an option and never will be.

Hillary Clinton has admitted in a speech on 9-21-2016 in Orlando, FL that she does not have all the answers and after a lifetime married to a governor and president then working in government she should have most of the answers if not all of them. A president that doesn't have the answers means the growth of poverty for U.S. citizens will grow and world conflicts that won't be solved.  

U.S. citizens middle class and poor stuffing cash into their pockets is the only way a president can be a success. The poor and middle class are the ones that purchase creating businesses. Donald Trump knows this. Reducing the income gap between the rich and poor means more money is flowing to the general population of the United States and not being steered to business and government. Donald Trump will energize the U.S. economy by steering money down to the poor and middle class through small businesses that will distribute the money through good wages to the poor and middle class who do the purchasing.

Hillary Clinton has been a failure at everything she has been involved in. With Hillary Clinton bad government will stay bad as has already been proven. If your one of those persons that keep complaining about how bad government is republican, democrat, libertarian or independent then vote for the man who's had success and will never be known as a failure.   

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