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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The United States Supreme Court Allows Hacking Into U.S. Citizens Private Computers And Phones


It's True, The Supreme Court Is Allowing Hacking Into Private Citizens Electronic Devices. The Poster Says It All. I just heard this In A Flash Report After Shannon Finished Up Her Day At The Court House. All I know Is A Democrat And Libertarian Republican Cockroach Are Going After It. Congress Has Until December 1st To Reverse This Or The United States Government Will Have The Legal Right To Hack Into Your Private Computers. I Think I Heard Something About A Court Order But That's Only If They Plan To Use The Information In Court. The U.S. Government Will Hack For Non Court Used Information For Sure. Of course your correct, "If Hillary Clinton Gets Elected Into The Presidency She Will Have 100's Of Democrats Hacking Into Your Computers And Cell Phones Just For The Information To Use Against Anyone That Opposes Communism" without a warrant or any expectations of using the information in a court case.

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