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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What The TPP Free Trade Means >>>>> Manufacturing Flocking To Low Wage Countries For Profits From Labor


The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with open borders means, "YOU SCREWED"

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Written By James Allan | 8-2-2016

The title of this post says it all. Bill Clinton Signing NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement) and letting China into the WTO (World Trade Organization) gave U.S. businesses the green light to move their jobs to foreign countries that will increase their profits through "Low Labor Costs". TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is just more U.S. economy killing practices to create a global communist government. The democrats and libertarian republicans are just pushing the same economy killing plans under different names. More of the same under an different name. Nothing gets better as you only see things get worse. 

All these "Free Trade Plans" do is send manufacturing out of the U.S. to low labor pay countries and with the open borders policies fill the U.S. up with poor people from foreign countries that will create unemployment because all of the jobs are being moved to other countries which will create  a dependency on government welfare. Hence, "Communism", the dependence on government. 

Everyone is dependent on the government to bring financial stability to the U.S. and will soon be fully dependent on the government along with millions of immigrants many U.S. citizens are refusing to reject.

The democrat spiel about helping people in foreign countries as a humanitarian issue on a global basis is a false narrative to indoctrinate millions of U.S. citizens into communism. The only way citizens of foreign countries can improve their lives is to stand up to their own governments that suppress them into their domain of command and control over whole populations. When the governments suppress wealth to its citizens through corruption, letting criminal activity thrive and making it rough for their citizens to start up and develop home grown businesses as is starting to happen in the U.S. all you have is dictators and communism. 

The democrat party in the U.S. right now is on the same level as hitler, chairman mao and stalin. The same thing without all the senseless killing of people who resist them. Preach workers rights and create a workers revolution to oust opposition freedom parties then once in control create a security force to protect the new communism or dictatorship being installed. "True", the U.S. democrat party is moving in this direction without the mass killings and assassinations. The U.S. democrat party is just using foreigners and humanitarian issues to produce the same results as hitler, chairman mao and stalin.

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