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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Has More Immigrant Labor Ever Raised U.S. Citizen Working Class Wages? Economic Growth Has To Be Through U.S. Citizen Financial Health

"ARTICLE" Has More Immigrant Labor Ever Raised U.S. Citizen Working Class Wages? Economic Growth Has To Be Through U.S. Citizen Financial Health   https://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2017/09/has-more-immigrant-labor-ever-raised-us.html

They bring in immigrants for cheap labor and the economy go's bad. 
Then they bring in more immigrants to fix the economy that gets worse.
They double down the the economic fix by bringing in more immigrants?

Written By James Allan | 9-21-2017

First of all, we should all know about the competing political parties in the U.S. that are for and against immigration that never has boosted the poor, working poor and middle class wages. When high amounts of immigration is allowed the only U.S. Citizens that benefit from it and get their wages boosted are business execs, owners and politicians. This is a proven fact.

When I talk about "Working Class U.S. Citizens" my personal meaning of this is people that are non management, executive, owners, appointed and elected officials that have to take direction from a superior.

The 3 political parties in play at this time are:

* Tea Party Republicans
Want to remove the immigrants that are disabling the economy

* Libertarian Republicans
Want only to feed businesses with cheap immigrant labor

* Communist Democrats
Want only to break the economy through massive immigration

Immigration has always been allowed on a massive scale with the public narrative feed that more immigration means better wages and more jobs for working class U.S. citizens. This narrative is no doubt a farce since all the immigrants embedded in the U.S. economy now are not producing results for individual U.S. Citizens and never will.

The housing market collapse of 2008 showed many indicators far in advance of this epic event. One of the indicators was sports attendance started to decline rapidly in or around 2004 even after the 2001 economic recession President George W. Bush said was repaired as massive immigration into the U.S. was continuing Since Bill Clinton took office in the early 1990's.

Nascar decided to Globalize Nascar in 2006 for the 2007 season because of declining revenue from the races due to falling revenues starting back some time before 2004. They are calling it "Lack Of Interest" in Nascar but in reality it was falling revenues and the cure to Nascar execs. was, "bring in foreigners". Yes, an all american sport is being transformed due to "Profit Taking" by the corporate moguls of Nascar. U.S. citizens just didn't want to spend their hard earned money on Nascar tickets as their bills for everyday living were increasing and job opportunities were decreasing because of the massive amounts of immigrants coming into the U.S..

The point of this is, "When Has Immigration" ever helped U.S. Citizens? It's like a "Catch 22" the government keeps getting the U.S. into time and time again. Business wants cheap labor for profit and the more cheap labor the U.S.government lets in for business the worse the economy gets and as the economy worsens business wants more cheap immigrant labor to fix the problem that this massive immigration is creating. How can this be? Immigrants are causing the economic problems and our exalted political and business leaders see more immigration as the cure?

The huge massive economic surge in the 1990's under Bill Clinton wasn't created by the massive amounts of immigrants he was letting into the U.S.. The 1990's economic boom was created only by the creation of the "Internet" and "Cell Phone" industries. Businesses could market their products all over the U.S. extremely fast for pennies and consumers could find new products while sitting at home petting their dogs. You didn't have to spend hours searching brick and mortar stores hoping they carried the products you use. The massive immigration that was happening and lowering wages and in the end going to destroy the U.S. economy was being masked by the enormous power of the internet and electronic product sales being built in China of course.

An outrageous number if not most businesses created in the U.S. are now owned by foreign companies. Whatever U.S. based business that are left ship all their manufacturing overseas then import the products back into the U.S. for sale. The appearance is that as the U.S. goes broke foreign companies are buying up U.S. based manufacturers. Most popular brand name products that are still made in the U.S. are owned by foreign based companies. One for example is "Mack Truck". Mack Truck is a U.S. brand name that's high and mighty american but the Mack Truck company is owned by the Swedish company, "Volvo".

There has "Never" been any economic advantage with immigration. The tourist trade from foreign countries yes, "Immigration NO". The communist democrats and libertarian republicans will always set the narrative that immigration is an economic advantage to U.S. citizens but this not true and they know it. Tourists are good, immigration is bad. A few of the libertarians on Fox News keep slipping in a few words about how good "Comprehensive Immigration Amnesty" will be for the U.S.. These anchors are libertarian republicans with the "Delusion Of Grandeur" about how well the U.S. will do if "Businesses Control The U.S.".

The co-host of  "The Five" Dana Perino a libertarian republican that worked under the libertarian republican George W. Bush and is an evil person that could care less about the health and financial well being of U.S. citizens and only about creating a country where businesses are the ultimate rulers of the U.S. over our elected government. Every once in awhile she will slip in her comment about making all illegal aliens U.S. Citizens. Business wants cheap labor so the libertarian republicans vote to create a government of "Business Communists" and flood the U.S. with mucho cheap labor. What a heartless person this Dana Perino is. "The Five" has the commie democrat Wuan Williams to push for amnesty although he's just a fruit cake put there to show how mentally disturbed the democrats are. We don't need a Dana (Pollyanna) Perino fake republican trying to undermine U.S. Citizens financial health and well being for the glory of having a "Business Communist Government". We'll get to that other "Bean Brain" that calls herself "Kennedy" later. 

All in all immigration has never helped the financial well being of the working class U.S. citizens. They never received a raise in pay or benefited in any way because of immigrants. Commie democrats and libertarian republicans bring in massive amounts of immigrants to lower business labor costs, the economy slows down to a halt, then fails because of the immigrants they are bringing in and their solution to the failing economy they created through immigration is to bring in more immigrants to revive the economy even after the economy is worse because of their solution to fix the economy with more immigrants that created the failed economy in the first place. 

The only fix to the economy is to remove the immigrants that should not be here in the first place and grow the economy back through individual U.S. Citizen financial well being. Growth in the economy has to be with "Working Class U.S. Citizen Individual Financial Growth" and "NOT" the growth of business and political wealth. Sure, cut taxes and regulations on businesses so they can start new businesses but also remove all the immigrants that do not belong in the U.S. so there's a labor shortage which will force businesses to pay lower level working class U.S. Citizens more. The economy will cycle up just by doing these three things. U.S. Citizens will have more expendable income to spend and the increased U.S. Citizen spending will create a boom in business.

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