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Monday, September 18, 2017

A Clear Message To North Korea To Push Back On North Korea And The Spreading World Communism

The Plus Size Crybaby Rosie O'Donnell Of North Korea, Kim Jong Un

Written By James Allan | 9-18-2017

In Reality it's China and Russia that are creating the North Korea situation. China and Russia would love to threaten the U.S. and the western nations in which Russia is partially doing it in Ukraine but it's in their best interest to use a proxy nation to meet their end means. That proxy nation is of course North Korea. North Korea wants South Korea so they are the perfect diversion to draw the U.S. and western nations away from their real goal of taking all of Asia and Europe putting the compete continent into their communist fold.

If you noticed when North Korea was launching rockets during the communist democrat rule in the U.S. under Barack Obama the Chinese were setting up man made islands in the South China Sea as a staging area to take the Philippine Islands and the South Korea peninsula. Sure the Chinese say, "They Took Tibet" decades earlier and trade with the U.S. is stronger than ever so why not take the whole continent and Russian can have Europe. To myself this is looking strong as the scenario that is playing out. I'm sure the Russians and Chinese have already crafted plans to deal with India and Turkey. Once most of the Middle East is under Russian control and Asia is under China's control it will be child's play to shut the U.S. out to put extreme pressure on Turkey and India.

I'm also under the impression that China and Russia are supplying North Korea with all the nuclear technology then North Korea is exporting this Chinese and Russian technology to Iran for Russia. Remember, China and Russia cannot be seen as the primary force against the U.S. and other western nations or they will be isolated and pushed out of the world economy. 

It's already been proven communism in the U.S. exists and is strong. The U.S. democrat party now has all communist representatives in congress, state and local governments to the point several states like California, New York, Washington State, Oregon, Vermont and Illinois are communist government dominated. The time for Russian and China to act is now while communism is "Creeping" across the U.S.. Venezuela took all its citizens guns away in 2012 under Chavez and now Maduro has just made the compete turn into communism.

China knows if they are associated with a proxy war against the U.S. with North Korea the Chinese economy could collapse if all trade is suspended with China. China doesn't think trade will be suspended because of the negative economic impact that will happen in the U.S. since most U.S. products are manufactured in China. If war breaks out with North Korea trade with China will have to be suspended and the U.S. will have to rely on the remaining U.S. manufacturers to step up production on the shortages that will exist. Canada will also have to step up production to supply the U.S. with product shortages. This all has to be planned, "NOW". Plans to supply the U.S. with product shortages should have been planned decades ago but our politicians again were more interested in themselves over U.S. Citizens.

Our past U.S. politicians linked our trade and manufacturing on such a massive scale with China they had convinced themselves this would keep a war with China from ever happening. Our politicians didn't look at the fact China is "Communist" and communists are takers and not givers. China took Tibet and now they want to take all of Asia using North Korea as their proxy and keep the trade going with the U.S.. Now we have the "Axis" back with China, Russia and Venezuela moving together against the west.  

At this present time what the U.S., South Korea and Japan need to be doing is getting Seoul South Korea ready for a massive evacuation and stockpiling military assault weapons to give out to its citizens if North Korea invades. I'm sure North Korea has pockets of its military in South Korea acting as loyal South Koreans and these pockets need to be identified and removed, "NOW". 

What's artillery and conventional weapons bombing a huge city without a follow up invasion? Without an invasion the North Korean conventional weapons are sitting targets for today's electronic weapons the U.S. has as the city evacuates. 

South Korea should have planned to move the whole city of Seoul decades ago away from the North Korean border but as with all politicians stupidity has evolved over intellectual thought and it wasn't done. Now they are going to have to evacuate Seoul as soon as the bombs start to fall. Of course some people will die but most should make it out. Time to get ready for the evacuation is "Now" and hope North Korea doesn't act knowing the U.S. and Japan are ready to arm all South Korean citizens with military assault rifles. 

Prepare exit routes, stock up on ready to eat meals, fuel for transportation, areas with tents for millions of people to go, removing the pockets of North Korean soldiers with stockpiles of ammunition and weapons that are in South Korea and other mass evacuation issues. 

Flying aircraft in the faces of the North Koreans isn't bad and sends a message that Pyongyang is going to be burnt toast but preparing for a North Korean invasion backed by China and Russian would send a much clearer message that North Korea is going to be the battleground and "Not" South Korea. Preparation for a mass evacuation and telling China that "All" trade will be suspended if war breaks out on the Korean peninsula will send the strongest message over flying aircraft near the North Korean border.

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