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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bill O'Reilly And Michelle Obama Claim That Slaves Built The White House. Both Are Wrong

Slaves were used but very few and not on the actual construction site where the White House Stands

Written By James Allan | 7-27-2016

Bill O'Reilly is an ass! He made it sound like on his show today 7-27-2016 that slaves did the actual work in part on the construction of the White House when the true fact is the slaves never came near the White House and were miles away. Michelle Obama sounded off at the democrat convention 7-25-2016 that slaves built the complete White House which in fact is a complete lie as much of a manipulative lie as Bill O'Reilly told on his show Wednesday to make everyone believe black slaves did the actual construction work on the White House.

Slaves were used but never came close to the place the White House was built on. The few slaves used worked miles away on the building materials in a rock quarry. The paid "Freemasons" did "All" the actual construction on the White House from the ground up. White House documents may state slaves were used but they were only used in the, " Rock Quarries " where the stone blocks were cut. After the stone blocks were moved out of the quarry no slaves were used. I saw a White House documentary on this plus this article was just written a day ago. 

The Slave Role In Building The White House

The "Freemasons" did the actual building of the White House.

The slaves that were used in the "Rock Quarries" were among a mixed number of races from anywhere the U.S. government could get people to do the hard work of cutting the stone blocks that were shipped to the place where the White House was built. The slaves were treated and fed just as well as all the "White People" recruited to cut the stone blocks out of the quarry walls. The only reason the U.S. government sought out cheap labor is the blocks had to be hand chipped out of the quarry walls.

I give the slaves their do but when self proclaimed overaggressive personalities try to spin the truth to mislead, someone has to call them out with the unspun facts. The slaves did play a very small role in creating the building materials for the White House but they were used as stated above with many White, Brown and Yellow people because race or social status were not an issue. All were treated the same many miles away. The slaves were use miles away from the White House and never went anywhere near the actual White House construction site.  

This Bill O'Reilly loves his democrats and is just another Fox News, "Geraldo Rivera". I mean I never thought there could be another Geraldo Rivera but I was wrong. Out of the Geraldo Rivera closet comes the clone of Geraldo Rivera, "Bill O'Reilly". Bill O'Reilly is more smooth mouthed and creepy about his support for the democrats but he's there and, "It's Real". 

A very creepy person this Bill O'Reilly is. When you take his saggy face off all you see is, "Geraldo Rivera" in the image of a dry dumpling that has no gravy and the shivers you feel run wild. I couldn't imagine a female making this encounter as they are so fragile but as a male when I encounter this ugly image of the Geraldo Rivera clone that calls itself Bill O'Reilly all I want to do is make the "Thing" go back in its hole then cover the hole it's in with a rock.

Quit trying to manipulate the facts and truth Bill O'Reilly so you can protect your, "OBAMAS". Every time I catch you I will get my fingers tapping on the computer keys.

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