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Friday, July 29, 2016

Donald Trump "Did Not Mock A Disabled Person" But Instead Mocked A Woman's Reaction Position To Make His Point


Under A Hillary Clinton presidency there will be little national defense dictated by the communist group, "Code Pink" mission statement

Women mock people too and I know best because I've been mocked by plenty of women whom of course took jabs at me through mocking. Donald Trump mocking a disabled person, "NO". Donald Trump using a women's natural reaction position to make his point, "YES". There's nothing wrong with that. 

The democrats just took a past story written by a disabled reporter and saw the opportunity to spin it into an attack on Donald Trump when Donald Trump mocked a woman's natural reaction position to make his point. "This Is Politics" if and when you find a twist you can do and make it work in your favor to elevate yourself above your opponent. This kind of twisting is what won John F. Kennedy the election in Wisconsin back in the 1960's. A phony story was put out that altered peoples thoughts against John F. Kennedy's opponent. 

Hillary Clinton follows the communist woman's group "Code Pink" and their mission statement is "No Military", "Reduced Police" and of course, "Global Communism". 

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