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Friday, July 29, 2016

Lou Dobbs, Eric Bolling Or Charles Payne? If Rumor Is Correct Who Will Replace Bill O'Reilly?

Bill O'Reilly Drunk On Live Television

4-19-2017 I wrote this article in July of 2016. Everything good takes time :) It was announced today on his show being hosted by Dana Perino that ol Bill O'Reilly wasn't coming back from his said, "Vacation". Bill O'Reilly is permanently "GONE". I was hoping ol Bill was going because his glass is half empty. He's too wrong on big issues where he's never right

This Speculation Written By James Allan | 7-29-2016

There's small talk and rumors floating around social media stating Bill O'Reilly is on his last leg and on the way out. I've always been under the impression that Bill O'Reilly was an old bald tire that blew out long ago with his flat show of bogus inaccurate news reporting that rides on his horrible opinion. Rumor has it that vetting for Bill O'Reilly's replacement is ongoing.

I've seen Eric Bolling and Laura Ingraham do Bill O'Reilly's prime time spot and both of them would be a vast improvement. Laura Ingraham would draw a huge audience. Eric Bolling is level minded and always keeps things in a realistic perspective. I've always been a fan of Lou Dobbs and he's a proven attraction that would fill the void of what Bill O'Reilly lacks in that prime time spot. Charles Payne a "HUUUUGE" Donald Trump supporter I didn't get to see much of due to my cable host not adding Fox Business until over a year ago and am looking into his politics right now. I've seen Charles Payne work many many times now and enjoy watching the "Jovial" big man do his broadcast. Charles Payne would make a hell of an addition to Fox News Channels prime time line up and bring a refreshment beyond belief. I have several personalities on the Fox News Channel I've come to rely on for good news reporting but when I do switch over to Fox Business Lou Dobbs and Charles Payne are just as good. 

I have no idea about this speculative rumor but if Bill O'Reilly goes, "That Will Be A Great Day For Fox News" and revitalize Bill O'Reilly's failed prime time spot.

Many Fox Viewers are upset with Bill O'Reilly for promoting false information to them designed to steer their thoughts and opinion instead of reporting accurate information that it truthful.

Bill O'Reilly Caught Drunk On "Live Television"

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