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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The, "Great Wall Of Trump" Encourages U.S. Citizen Economic Growth But Also Protects The Desert Environment


Democrats And Republican Libertarian Rinos Support This Environmental Damage

Written By James Allan | 1-26-2017

Sure, a wall between the U.S. and mexico will grow the economy by removing cheap illegal alien labor let to cross the southern border freely for business profits U.S. Working Citizens never see. When business is forced to pay more to U.S. Citizens in a natural economic environment free from cheap abundant labor the economy will grow and come alive again as U.S. Citizen spending increases. But also the immense unnecessary human traffic coming across the desert southwest is damaging the habitats of wildlife. 

I call it the "Environmentalist Wall" because it cuts down on the traffic through sensitive wildlife habitats. The wall also keeps human populations from expanding onto lands that support desert wildlife. This undue traffic coming over the southern border leaves mountains of trash and contaminants that harm desert wildlife and destroys vegetation. U.S.Citizens that walk through these barren lands are educated to pick up the trash and not to disturb the natural wonders of an environment that survives with very little water. Illegal immigrants have no concerns about the destruction of the natural environment or U.S. Citizens health and welfare.  

The environmentalists are shouting, "No Wall, No Wall" but they make themselves look like fools as people that have no concern with the environment trample over the lands the wall will keep out. Talk about people acting educated when their intelligence level is shown at below zero with their shouts of saving the environment and letting massive damage to the environment exist through uncontrolled illegal immigration. 

As more and more people enter the United States over the southern border an expansion will be needed onto the lands that are wild and free in order to house these immigrant travelers that have no concern with wildlife and vegetation. These immigrants are only concerned with self and the monetary gains they can't find in their own countries due to their weakness to group and fight the governments they are running from. Immigration to the U.S. due to financial concerns and lame governments that let crime flourish are no reasons to let immigrants into the U.S.. It's up to foreigners to fight their own governments to improve their lives and make governments work for them.  

These immigrants illegal and legal are only concerned with financial gain and not the environment or others that are native to the land that they are entering. Concern must be given to protect the sensitive desert wildlife and lands from immigrants crossing the border and trampling species then leaving behind layers of trash and human waste.

Our response to this destruction of our desert lands and animals must be fast and swift. We must build a "Wall" across the mexican border and make it so the hoards of people from and crossing mexico cannot come across the U.S. southern border and wreak further destruction to our desert environment. The higher the wall the better! Our eagles need abundant desert creatures to feed their babies with and it is of the utmost importance to build a wall between mexico and the U.S. to preserve the habitats of eagles and their food chain.

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