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Monday, July 8, 2013

Profile Hillary Clinton Democratic Candidate For President Of The United States

Profile of the next candidate for President of The United States, Hillary R. Clinton

Hillary Clinton was removed in 1974 from the House Judiciary Committee Legal Counsel Staff for failure to follow The Constitution and unethical behavior. Her removal came at the action of a fellow Democrat. So why did Jeffrey Zeifman, life long Democrat fire Hillary? “Because she was a liar. She was an
unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Zeifman was Chief Counsel to The House Judiciary Committee for 17 years; Hillary was only one of 3 Staff he did not give a letter of recommendation to during his tenure.

Was within hours of Congress citing her for contempt over papers related to the Whitewater scandal in Arkansas. Just before the citation, the papers she refused to turn over mysteriously turned up in the little used White House Map Room. The White House released a list of those who might have placed those papers, a stack almost a foot high, on a table. Among the names, visiting Foreign Dignitaries. Not among those names: Hillary R. Clinton.

Made 12 phone calls on what would become known as the Whitewater scandal, a land deal scam, while working for the Rose Law firm in Little Rock and says she does not recall making any calls. You call a number once, you might not remember. You call a number 12 times, oh hell yea, you remember.

Was implicated by staff notes as the primary pusher behind the dismissal and trumped up charges of embezzlement against former White House Travel Chief Billy Dale so that friends of Bill Clinton could take over the office. Findings by Independent Counsel Robert Ray indicate Hillary gave false statements on her role in that scandal. Mr. Dale was exonerated in a Court of Law after spending 500K to clear his name, smeared at the direction of Hillary R. Clinton.

Directed her Chief of Staff to sanitize Vince Foster’s office after Foster, White House Counsel, took his life. At Hillary’s direction, boxes of documents were removed and placed in a closet in the First Family’s Living Quarters. That sanitizing took place before authorities were granted access to Foster’s office.

Was directed by a Federal Judge to release the names, some 500+, that sat in secret, much like a cabal, and attempted to put together what became known as Hillarycare. It seems Hillary thought the Public’s right to know who was on that cabal, was not necessary.

Tells a story of sniper fire while on the tarmac at an airfield in Bosnia and how she and others had to run to flee it. There was no sniper fire.

While as a US Senator, Hillary insinuated that Gen. David Petraeus lied under oath. If Hillary thought that, why not move to investigate? No, she preferred to smear a US General because she did not believe his testimony.

Of course, there is the whole Benghazi scandal with Hillary’s name all over it. Hillary's respond to 4 dead employees of the U.S. that were killed in Benghazi because of Hillary's co complete incompetance: "What Difference Could It Possibly Make Now!".

During Hillary's tenure as secretary of state under Barack Obama "6 BILLION" dollars came up missing from the state department and cannot be found????? When asked about the missing billions all Hillary stated is, "Duh!, I DON'T KNOW".

Hillary R. Clinton has led a life of lying, of ethical shortcomings, of delusions and secrecy and Hillary R. Clinton has proclaimed herself, as she did in 2008, a proud Progressive. And we all know now the word progressive is slang for, "Communist".

Barring the unforeseen, if Hillary runs in 2016, she wins. After all, what difference does it make if the public doesn’t know or the press fails to inform on the character, the repeated ethical failings, the lies, the dodging, the delusions of Hillary R. Clinton?

And should she follow Obama, I borrow from The Who: “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

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