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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Make Mom & Pop Shops The Dominate Economic Force In The United States


Make Mom & Pop Shops The Dominate Economic Force In The United States

Removing illegal aliens would start to give jobs back to U.S. citizens and get the cash flowing again. Developing plans to give mom and pop shops a competitive edge against
corporations would be the greatest plus for the U.S. economy. Both of these plans go hand in hand and benefit U.S. citizens completely.  Immigration Plan

  Creating roads for mom and pop stores to flourish would bring the economy to a level no one has ever seen and keep consumer prices down when the illegal immigrants are removed and businesses try to keep their outrageous profits at their present high levels. Any businesses that are operating on illegal alien labor deserve to go under and it may be awhile but new businesses will appear to replace those that go under due to the removal of illegal aliens.

  Chain stores get you into the store knowing that you will purchase other items at marked up prices. Some mom and pop stores lack experience in product selection and in my dealings with mom and pop stores they only stock items that are purchased on a regular basis afraid of purchasing some items that will sell slow. This can be changed with a little training & inventory systems so the mom and pop stores can compete in the marketplace and be successful attracting customers.

Case Point:  Two reasons why chain stores stores always get in is lower prices and greater inventory selection. Chain stores have the ability to deal with unsold inventory better by transferring unsold inventory to other stores where it will sell. Small mom and pop shops can't do this so they usually only stick to what sells and never take a chance on new trending products. This is one of the problems that needs to be dealt with.

Pricing wars with the large chain stores can be solved. The five issues with Mom & Pops shops will have to be addressed along with a few other issues not mentioned below but with some creative thought these issues can be solved and everyone can eventually profit. 

* Chain stores take a little money from each of it's stores and combine the money into large advertising campaigns. Advertising is essential to any store.

* Chain stores can purchase in large volumes to get bigger discounts but have to sell using trickery because they consume more money to operate. Acquiring inventory at a lower price than wholesale stores get it for should be explored. Below factory direct & "Made In The U.S.A.

* Customer merchandise returns would have to be addressed. Big box chain stores have return merchandise depts. and can write returned merchandise off more easily than mom and pop shops.

* Benefit packages were only handed out by companies to attract better employees. This has gotten way out of hand now with government and labor unions trying to permanently stick business with the benefits the employee should be providing for themselves. Mom and pop shops aren't always big enough to provide benefit packages to employees and in reality shouldn't have to.

* Startup costs for a certain period of time would be a great plus since people are weary about putting out the same amount of cash they have or have borrowed and there's no guarantee the business will sail into prosperity. Getting monthly rents and expenses down for 1 or two years until revenue starts to flow through, "No Taxation", "Rebates of some kind" and other creative means even to the landlord would possibly give the Mom & Pop Shop time to florish.

   Work out the details of these five problems where mom and pop stores can compete easily with chain stores and jobs with better pay will appear, more opportunities for advancement into higher level positions will be generated, more cash will be moved to the working class instead of in the corporate rich mans pocket, better deals on products can be had along with a host of other benefits from getting the huge cash flows away from corporate entities.

   Some corporations will always be needed and exist but a lot of them need to go the way of the dinosaur because they are taking away from the working class and creating a population of beggars and people forced to live on a pittance unless the working class join a union or work for a company for 40 years. As I read on an immigration thread in this forum people should be able to move around from job to job until they find employment that they are happy with.

  The democrats already run a large portion of the major corporations in the U.S. and are hell bent on keeping their cheap illegal and legal immigrant labor to stuff cash into their pockets so they can destroy the republican party. Mom and Pop shops are a breeding ground for conservatism and no how no way do the democrats want conservatism to grow. The only problem with a growing number of business entities is more democratic liberal businesses will appear wanting to use more cheap illegal immigrant labor and the brakes can be put on that with an immigration plan designed to benefit U.S. citizens over legal immigrants and stopping illegal immigration in its tracks. Mom and Pop Shops will grow the conservative U.S. population over the democratic liberal U.S. population because people that own their own businesses will be forced to conserve their money to survive, pay employees better wages due to the halt of cheap immigrant labor flocking over the border unchecked and provide better products and services to the patrons of the business. It all works well once illegal immigration is stopped.

Also another issue that goes along with the disintegration of mom and pop shops is the disintegration of mom and pop private medical practices. What's emerging in U.S. society is a large amount of medical corporations that as is stated above is "Sucking Up Cash" and driving up medical costs. It's not the doctors, it's the medical corporations the doctors work for. It's not the insurance companies overcharging and the insurance companies are certainly getting blamed for the high cost of medical insurance, it's the medical corporations the doctors work for that are overcharging creating financial situations where the insurance companies have to increase premiums or suffer heavy losses. In a lot of cases the insurance companies short pay the medical corporations and hospitals because the insurance companies know they are getting "Hosed". The insurance companies are forced to go along with this overcharging by medical corporations or the medical corporations will stop accepting their insurance.

Hospitals are considered medical corporations and are the biggest "Ripoffs" when it comes to overcharging insurance companies and patients. Hospitals really lay on the charges.

Illegal aliens are the biggest cause of medical corporation and hospital overcharging. In 1989 a law was passed requiring all emergency rooms to accept any person regardless of their ability to pay because hospitals practiced patient dumping to other medical facilities and even dumping patients on the street because they couldn't pay. This law is a good law but what's bad is illegal aliens started using the emergency rooms for their everyday ordinary medical care and the hospitals had to start overcharging paying patients to cover the costs. Now this overcharging has become the norm and a real cash cow for hospitals and medical corporations that employ the doctors have started doing it. Why Not, nobody is getting rid of the illegal aliens because congressmen and women are invested in medical stocks in one way or another? Illegal aliens are profit for the wealthy that can afford to invest in medical stocks. These hospitals and medical corporations are charging far, far beyond and over what the illegal aliens are costing them. Sure their would still be U.S. citizens using the emergency rooms that can't pay but those charges could be absorbed easily keeping medical costs low. It's the 24 million illegal aliens and legal immigrants that come into the U.S. and use the emergency rooms to avoid having to pay that's the problem. The hospitals and medical corporations just learned they could add on big profits of their own because the democratic and republican parties were not going to do anything about the illegal aliens.

The U.S. does have to bring back the mom and pop shops but also the U.S. has to make it easier for private doctors to exist and get rid of the medical corporations then hammer away at the hospitals profiteering. Setting up private doctors and giving them the tools they need to compete with these large medical corporations is also the way to go and is the same exact thing talked about above that has to be done with the mom and pop stores.

Lets start creating laws and giving the small mom and pop shops and private medical practices the tools and advantages that are needed to compete with the large corporations.

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