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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lets Hope Texans Are For Trump To Pump Up Our Pride Along With Texas Pride


I guess most people in Texas were not born in Texas these days. I read 40% of the population in Texas was born outside of Texas. I like the new Texas Governor Greg Abbott who was born in Texas. Governor Rick Perry was even born in Texas whom I do not support at all because he's to establishment republican friendly with illegal aliens. Rick Perry is related to the late great, "Sam Houston" who beat the mexicans after the Alamo disaster. I guess Rick Perry didn't pick up any of Sam Houston's genes to fight foreign invaders to take back our property.

Donald Trump isn't from Texas but since Texans don't have a candidate that was born in Texas maybe they will settle for Donald Trump who was at least born in the United States and will restore U.S. pride right along with the pride of Texans.

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