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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton Natural Poll Numbers. Donald Trump Leads By 22% Of The Vote

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The True Polling Numbers On A Natural Basis Of Passerby's

Tea Party Main Street | 2-23-2016

There's a lot of chit chat in media about Donald Trump not being able to beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. Polls and unreliable so called expert talk always shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump and it's never ending jib jab being produced by the "In Power" libertarian establishment republicans out to steer thought and democrats of coarse doing whatever it takes to push communism.

Hillary Clinton will slowly turn the United States to communism. Bernie Sanders is all about making communism happen yesterday. Looks like the communist democrats want the change to communism to happen slowly because it's harder to fool their anti communism opponents into doing the goose step for them.

I have my own little poll going open to "Anyone" and it shows Donald Trump beating Hillary Clinton by 24 votes out of 82 votes cast (53 Donald Trump, 29 Hillary Clinton). Yes, 82 votes isn't much of a sample but the national polls that are intentionally altered are not natural. National Polls only sample 500 to 1500 persons by phone calls that conservatives usually just hang up the phone on. Most national polls are done by an engineered formula that's sometimes in the area but a lot of the times way off and they never know if the person answering the poll questions are illegal aliens. They say they only call "Registered Voters" on a list but the democrats were registering millions of illegal aliens through the welfare dept. for years, issuing driver's licenses to illegal aliens and just not plain checking voter ID at the polling places.

My little bitty poll is done naturally with votes cast by passersby's on a public web site that's a mixture of whomever pops in for a look by chance. My poll is just between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton only and will be left running until the presidential election in November 2016.

So far Donald Trump is leading Hillary by appox. 22% of the vote and this has stayed steady since the start of the poll. I've done other very small samples to see how well Donald Trump is doing against Hillary Clinton and they always show Donald Trump winning against Hillary Clinton by large numbers. 

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