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Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Clinic System That Serves Anyone With Health Care First And Payment Second


I personally support a national clinic system run by a private entity with oversight by each individual county without state and federal government involvement in health care needs of low income persons

Of coarse the V.A. medical system for our vets is a mess and an example of a clinic system that doesn't function as it was meant to function. "IN A NUT SHELL": The reason for the V.A. mess is when you elect numb nuts into the presidency and congress you will get a chain of numb nuts down the chain of command that administers the health care of others. This hold true for everything the government runs. With a chain of government elected numb nuts private sector health care gets out of control with their profit taking off the medical needs of people that just can't afford it. Most of the out of control health care corporate profit taking is coming from hospitals due to immigration. "True". Our numb nut government is putting immigrants over U.S. citizens and the result is out of control medical costs and low wages.

Note: Most of the writings here are my thoughts and haven't been adopted by U.S. citizens or Donald Trump yet.

Donald Trump isn't saying to keep funding Planned Parenthood abortions. Donald Trump is saying to "End The Abortions" and turn the Planned Parenthood clinic system infrastructure into a national medical clinic system that serves "All U.S. Citizens". Of coarse were going to let insurance companies sell medical insurance across state lines, create health care savings accounts to lower insurance costs. But what's driving up insurance costs are the "Hospitals" not the doctors. A clinic system already built and in place by Planned Parenthood and every county in the U.S. is already in place so why not use it? Makes no sense not to take the medical infrastructure that's already in place and turn it into a medical system that services everyone and lowers health care costs. Yeah, if you use the clinics you won't chose your own doctor but I myself don't care about that just as long as the doctor that treats me is as competent as any doctor I would chose myself.

I personally agree with Donald Trump. Of coarse people should be responsible for their own health care needs but we can't let people die on the streets and medicine now is "Corporate" and we all know about corporations and CEO profit taking. The libertarians in the republican party preach personal responsibility but support the massive influx of immigrants across U.S. borders which has killed incomes and put a huge financial strain on the medical system that pumped up corporate greed.

I wrote up my own health care plan a few years ago that puts a private entity board and the county governments as management of it. Because of the county government thing it didn't take so well because any government just means more numb nuts. The point I made is "U.S. Citizens Are Closer To The County Governments And It Would Be Easier For U.S. Citizens To Get Rid Of County Government Numb Nuts That Messed With Their Health Care Clinics".

What people don't fully understand is "U.S. Counties" already manage and control their own hospital and health care clinics that will never go away. The county medical infrastructure is already in place so why not turn it into a solution that provides quality health care for the whole U.S. population? Just like "Planned Parenthood" clinics are everywhere we don't need to destroy the Planned Parenthood medical infrastructure but just change it into a medical entity that is with the county government run clinics without the abortions. Get rid of the abortions and force the Planned Parenthood clinic system into the county government run medical system with a "Private Entity Medical Board Of Doctors And Nurses" to run it all and make it operate in favor of all U.S. citizens.

Here's the link to my medical system plan: Clinic System Plan. Basically it's a plan that is an "Income Tiered" system and takes into account a persons monthly earnings to push high earners out of the clinic system into the private medical system as their incomes rise out of the poverty and working poor levels. It's a plan where anyone can walk into any clinic and get treated first then worry about payment later with low monthly payments for people on a higher income tiers than the really poor but not at a level to completely shove them out. It's a plan where the county clinics provide "All" information on insurance companies and health care costs to people as their incomes rise and pushed into the private medical system.

Health Care Clinic System Plan

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