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Friday, September 11, 2015

Ted Cruz's Wife Heidi Cruz Works For The Chairman Of Goldman Sachs Who's A Big Global UN Communist

Ted Cruz Preaches "Tea Party" To Gain Support But Is As Fake As They Come

Yes, Heidi Cruz is a libertarian and all libertarians support open borders and mass migration into the United States that's absolutely crushing the incomes of U.S. citizens. While Ted Cruz is running around doing appearances preaching "Tea Party" values, behind the scene his wife Heidi Cruz is countering what Ted Cruz is preaching and planning mass migrations into the U.S.. Don't even tell me that Ted Cruz doesn't know what his wife is up to. Don't even say that Ted Cruz doesn't know Heidi Cruz's boss is a big global communist. It's already been proven that while Heidi Cruz was working for the Bush administration keeping the borders open and was on the board of the CFR (Counsil On Foreign Relations) which is a big organization out to flood the U.S. with immigrants from where ever to push up profits for corporations. And of coarse its been proven that the libertarians want more than anything for corporations to run the United States government.

Breitbart: Ted Cruz Doesn't Disclose Where His 1 Million Dollar Loans Came From

It's looking like Ted Cruz took loans out for his senate bid and didn't want the public to know that the loans came from Goldman Sachs and Citibank CEO's who are responsible for engaging in "Home Loans To Illegal Aliens" that crashed the U.S. economy in 2008 by overloading the derivatives markets with bogus home loans. Bill Clinton was fully involved in this so Ted Cruz taking money from the overloads of destruction is a concern let alone the fact his wife Heidi Cruz is a libertarian and works for "Global Communists".

Below is a quote from an article that's been circulating and contains paragraphs stating Peter Sutherland the chairman of Goldman Sachs is pushing for international migration without any restrictions or borders. This is exactly what Heidi Cruz has been doing for decades since she first finished studying socialism in Europe and started working.

Quote Form WND Article: "UN To Hand Out Marching Orders On Immigration"
Peter Sutherland, the Secretary General’s special representative on international migration, shares that view. From his perch as chairman of Goldman Sachs International and special U.N. envoy, he has pushed for open borders on a global scale, long before the war in Syria and photos of drowned toddlers grabbed the world’s attention.

Yeah right! Ted Cruz is running for president of the United States and were going to elect him and his global communist wife as first lady? Were trying to restore the U.S. and we elect a lying S.O.B. as president who will sell us out for his libertarian values and his global communist wife? You've got to be kidding me!

As for Ted Cruz's citizenship? There are laws attached to a "Child Born By A U.S. Citizen In A Foreign Country" becoming an automatic U.S. Citizen. "Ted Cruz's Mother And Father Did Not Meet The Requirements Of The Laws".

Ted Cruz's Parents Did Not Meet Both Of These Laws To Make Ted Cruz a U.S. Citizen born in a foreign country.

The laws attached to Ted Cruz becoming a U.S. Citizen born outside the U.S. are:

* Ted Cruz's parents had to have kept residency status in the U.S..

* Ted Cruz's parents had to bring Ted Cruz back into the U.S. before 2 years had passed after his birth. Ted Cruz wasn't brought back until he was 5 years old.

The requirements of the two above laws were not met so Ted Cruz is not eligible to run for the U.S. presidency let alone being a U.S. citizen. The democrats can challenge Ted Cruz running.

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