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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"MUST READ" Hat In Ring's Three Point Conservative Economic Plan That Will Work :)

Do We Want A Piece Of The Wall Street "Fat Pussy Cat" Pie?

Created By Hat In Ring | 2-14-2016

I have an economic plan that will work for everyone and bring economic prosperity back to U.S. citizens. The federal government will still rake in their trillions to piss off, states will still get plenty of cash from the federal government to piss off, plenty of welfare for those who keep themselves in the bubble of numb nuts or just plain don't want to move enough to get a minute worth of worthy work accomplished. Those who just want to stay naked all day and night and just want enough work to support their nakedness should be happy also when they are walking around San Francisco showing off their disgusting bodies and scaring all the animal life out of the city.

There's no need for democrat progressive communist redistribution. There's no need for libertarian business communism. There's no need to raise the minimum wage. There's no need for anything the democrat communists or libertarian establishment republican rinos want to do. It's true, "Business Entities Are Not U.S. citizens or People".

Congress "Can" get rid of the illegal aliens. Congress can force Wall Streets hand in "Point Number 2". This is "FAIR". Wall Street can no longer pic and choose how much U.S. citizens get. If Wall Street hikes their payout rates on money we borrow they will damn well hike the payout percentage of what we get when they use our money to make their profits. 

Point Number 1: Get rid of all the illegal aliens and lower the number of legal immigrants able to become U.S. citizens each year which will force employers to hire all U.S. citizens, train them and pay them more to keep them in their business to create their business profits.

Point Number 2: Make Wall Street pay more in investment dividend's. When you put your money in the bank the banks and investment insurance companies should "Have To" pay the account holders just as much as they charge to the general public to use their money at the highest credit card rates.
The banks and investment insurance companies charge 12% to 24% in interest charges for the general public to use their money on credit cards. When the banks and investment companies use the general publics money to create profits for themselves they should be made to pay the 12% to 24% to the account holders and investors in their profit making investment ventures. We get 12% to 24% of the 12% to 24% they make. They keep 88% to 76%.

The point of this is to say that the banks and insurance companies should pay us the same percentage as they charge us.

If they take in 3% in profits off a home loan they should pay us 12% to 24% of the 3% they made.

If the banks and insurance companies make 12% to 24% in profits off their credit cards they should pay us 12% to 24% of the credit card profits.

You cannot get greedy and make the banks and insurance companies pay you out more than they charge you. There rates on credit cards is 12% to 24% so you can only make them pay out 12% to 24% on the 12% to 24% in profits they make.

Point Number 3: Lower tax rates on business. It's true that U.S. tax rates should keep in step with the tax rates of other countries. If point number 1 and 2 are put in play there will be no need for high tax rates to pay for anyone's "Free Wants". You can just go to work after high school and stuff money into the bank and combined with your paycheck get a big enough return to help with your daily expenses.

Point Number 2 would get people to pile money into their bank accounts. Oh Yeah! People would still spend just as much as they are spending now and most likely more which would create profits for business, "They Would Just Think Harder About What They Are Purchasing" so they could put more into the banks.

You Pay:

* Home loans: 3.78 to 4.06 (Regulated. Huge Profits @ 3%)

* Auto loans: 4.30 to 5.17 ( Huge Profits Due To Popularity)

* Credit Cards: 12.52 to 23.24 (Private Credit Card Companies Like "Discover", "MasterCard" and "Visa" are all linked to banks and loan bank money to you and only collect a fee on each transaction. All banks use these private credit card companies to process the transactions even if they issue their own branded credit cards. 

Yes, insurance companies do own their own "Credit Cards" and some insurance companies have their own online banks now. A lot of insurance companies issue business credit cards but have general public credit cards.

You Get:

* Annuity's: (Considered Insurance, Issued By Insurance Companies)  3% normally. (There's many packages with mix and match return percentages to confuse a person but shake out in the favor of Wall Street always).

* Saving Accounts: .075 to 2.02 (Depending On The Bank)

* Stock Investments: Weather you use a broker or pick the investments yourself you only get what you yourself gamble on getting and the payoffs are all up to you.

The U.S. government, banks and investment firms all like the fact that they only pay out 2% to 3% and get to split up the 97% in profits they make off other peoples money to stuff into their own "Fat Pussy Cat" pockets. The government most likely has a list of top earners that they keep to make sure they are getting their cut of the percentage congress charges them. Ever wonder why so many billionaires are willing to let congress have "A Little Bit More" or should I say as the democrats put it, "The Governments FAIR SHARE"? Think about it, "They Keep 98% Of The Profits They Make Off Of Our Money We Invest". The only reason why you don't see any "Trillionaires" is because so many "Fat Pussy Cats" have their hands in the pot to keep the scam on U.S. citizens that invest their money just to make a pittance off of the trillions that's getting split up between the "Fat Pussy Cats" and U.S. government.

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