"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Donald Trump And The Miss Piggy Latino Housekeeper Comment He Is Innocent Of Making | Personal Opinion


Most Likely Billary Clinton Started To Build Her Attack On Donald Trump When He Hinted At The Idea Of Running In 2015 Or Even As Early As Late 2014 Lying About Donalds Past History With Women

Written By James Allan | 9-28-2016

Donald Trump and women? I've been following this for months as everyone else has and have come to the following conclusions after this Alicia Machado ordeal. My conclusion is Donald Trump is strong with women but he's also equally strong with men.Women are just more sensitive and have a tendency to blow issues up out of proportion. Sorry ladies, but it's true.

Monday, September 26, 2016

The First 2016 Donald Trump Vs Billary Clinton Presidential Debate | Personal Opinion


Written By James Allan | 9-26-2016
Article Not In Accordance With Democrat Politically Correct Writing Laws

Donald Trump did good and of course I support Donald Trump. Donald Trump had to rebut some of the Billary Clinton lies and misrepresentations by pushing for more time to do that but he got his message sent. The democrats will say Donald Trump was irritated at some points but the fact is he wasn't irritated but just trying to register a correction against the sly Billary Clinton lies by pushing the clock for more time aggressively.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton Wants To Take Away U.S. Citizens Right To Work And Force Unionization Of All Employment


States With Unions As A Demand Of Employment Have Strong Communist Democrat And Libertarian Party Roots. Libertarians Are In Fact More Democrat Than Republican

Hillary Clinton Angry At Unions Asking Why Haven't They Got Off Their Asses For Her. In The Video Hillary Clinton's Message Was Meant To Get Labor Unions Out Working For Her But The Unintentional Message Is She Wants "ALL" U.S. Citizens Under The Rule Of Labor Unions That Will Be Controlled By Government.

Written By James Allan | 9-24-2016

First of all, I'm not against "Unions As A Right Of Choice" of employment. I'm fully against the so called, "Union Houses" that are "Join Unions As A Demand Of Employment" under law. For those that are unaware of what a Union House is, "a union house is where the majority of employees vote into a business an Employee's Union and new employees and/or present employees that do not want to be in the union are forced to join the union and pay union dues or lose their jobs". An employee losing their job for not joining a union is just wrong.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who To Vote For, A President That Will Get People Earning For Themselves Or A President That Gets People To Earn For Her


The 2016 Presidential Election Comes Down To If U.S. Citizens Want To Earn For Themselves With Donald Trump Or Earn For The Government With Hillary Clinton And Get What They Are Given

Written By James Allan | 9-21-2016

Once you vote there's no taking it back. You will have to live with your choice for another 4 years so look back at the last 8 years to see where you want to be in the next 4 years. Do you want a government full of corruption that steers wealth towards the government as you will get with Hillary Clinton or do you want a government that creates pathways to wealth for U.S. citizens as you will get with Donald Trump. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The United States Supreme Court Allows Hacking Into U.S. Citizens Private Computers And Phones


It's True, The Supreme Court Is Allowing Hacking Into Private Citizens Electronic Devices. The Poster Says It All. I just heard this In A Flash Report After Shannon Finished Up Her Day At The Court House. All I know Is A Democrat And Libertarian Republican Cockroach Are Going After It. Congress Has Until December 1st To Reverse This Or The United States Government Will Have The Legal Right To Hack Into Your Private Computers. I Think I Heard Something About A Court Order But That's Only If They Plan To Use The Information In Court. The U.S. Government Will Hack For Non Court Used Information For Sure. Of course your correct, "If Hillary Clinton Gets Elected Into The Presidency She Will Have 100's Of Democrats Hacking Into Your Computers And Cell Phones Just For The Information To Use Against Anyone That Opposes Communism" without a warrant or any expectations of using the information in a court case.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Main Street National Television News Media Is Now A Political Organization Of A Political Party


Main Street News Media Has Become A Political Party

Written By James Allan | 9-17-2016

In today's politics it's not the national news media that reports the story in a truthful manner of voice that reflects reality but moreover it's the political organizations that own their own personal national news media outlets and release its own version of a political story through the national media outlet under its control. Political organizations will take a trending political story and alter it to their liking and can pretty much sway the public either minor or major to a positive outcome for their candidates.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Galoof's We Elect And Their Ugly Thoughts Against Deplorables Who Know Galoof's Lie


The Ugly Thoughts Of The Galoofs Hillary Clinton And Barack Obama

Written By The "Deplorable" James Allan | 9-14-2016

The galoof walked among us and nobody knew. A galoof is known for being clumsy and awkward in physical output and thoughts but this galoof was not seen as a physical mess but instead as a well mannered person with good speech. Who could have or would have known the visions of this person with his spoken words of wisdom would be a galoof? His visions though his speech were not his true visions that are really visions of ugliness and were only known to himself and his circle of galoofs he always seeks out. He didn't go outside the places where people gathered who were of common thoughts with him. He was well graced for public life but had to keep his ugly thoughts hidden from those who accepted his public appearance at face value.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton Getting Botox Poisoning And Lying About It? Did She Have A Face Lift In Her Home?


It's Not About Her Aging Physical Appearance, It's About Her Lying

Written By James Allan | 9-12-2016

Hillary Clinton gets rushed away from the 9/11 ceremony for "Pneumonia"? I don't think so! I myself am becoming under the impression she is suffering from, "Botox" poisoning to keep her "FACE FROM FALLING". Sure looks to be the case!
A book written by "Edward Klein" claims Hillary Clinton set up a treatment room in her home and hired a plastic surgeon to do the job on her. Of course Hillary Clinton's handlers will always say this is wrong but with the recent medical problems Hillary has been having Edward Klein's claims are becoming more believable. With enough cash you can get anybody to say anything or do anything.

New York Post Article: Hillary Clinton's Secret Face-lift

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Donald Trump And The Russian Controversy Truth


Donald Trump exchanging pleasantries with dictators and communist murderers, "It's Just To Ease Tensions And Say There's Going To Be Conversation And Not War"

Written By James Allan | 9-10-2016

Donald Trump is going to negotiate with the russians and try to get them out of the Crimea. This is exactly what Donald Trump stated about Israel and the Palestinians. This is Donald Trumps style to see if he can persuade his opponents through a negotiated deal that is in the interest of his business or now the U.S..

What exactly is it do you think a new president is going to do? Tell russia they are shit as Bill O'Reilly stated russia was on his show yesterday and then ragging on Donald Trump for not dumping on Putin? NO! A politician calling their opponents punks and shit brained as Bill O'Reilly wants just isn't going to create peace and prosperity. Were just lucky Bill O'Reilly isn't running for public office let alone having him on national television spewing his warped opinion some people listen to because they are under the thought that, "He Teach's". Donald Trump wants to talk to russian leaders on an avenue of "Respect" and not hostility. If russia backs out of the Crimea and starts to work with Europe and the United States many changes in the world to the positive will happen.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Greta Van Susteren Leaves Fox News, She Wanted To Leave, I'll Miss Her Broadcasts


We'll Miss Your Broadcasts Greta Van Susteren

No matter what Greta's own personal politics were she always did stay in a realistic place with her questioning and sometimes little slips of opinion. Usually I am in place to watch her broadcasts at west coast time as my daily affairs outside the house are not always done but done enough to put the chair on my arse. I enjoyed viewing her show as it was very informative information over the next Fox News show of babble that followed her hour. After Greta's show I have my dinner which takes priority over the show that follows Greta's show. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Barack Obama And His Corrupt U.S. Communist Democrat Government Try To Federalize All Elections


Yeap, The Communist Democrats Are Trying To Control Election Results Now

Click Link Here To Read Full Story:
Laura Ingraham's LifeZette: Obama Admin Eyes Election Takeover

Written By James Allan | 9-1-2016

The only way Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the communist democrats can truly get to communism is to be in charge of "ALL" the voting places and election results, or should I say, "All The Votes They Alone Want To Show Us" that are for the candidate "THEY SAID WE VOTED INTO PUBLIC OFFICE". 

After this does anyone really deny that communism is on the rise? This is Russia and China. They talk about Russia hacking the U.S. election system but the fact of the matter is the U.S. communist democrats just don't want any competition when they themselves hack into our election systems.

The U.S. communist democrats were going to federalize all elections anyway so with Donald Trump nipping at their heels they had to push up their plans to do this in a last ditch effort. 

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