"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Libertarian Establishment Republicans Will Create a "Third Party" If They Go To A Contested Convention


Tea Party Main Street | 3-31-2016

The establishment republicans without a doubt need the libertarians to keep the pet collars around the necks of the non libertarian "Ultra Conservative Republican Party Wing" base voters. But there's a choice the in power establishment republicans need to make and that is "Hard Core Business Communism" Ted Cruz will bring which means business controls congress or to try and do libertarian light which means congress controls business.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Is The White House A Place Where Women Only Get Hired To Do A Job


Marco Rubio Did This To Ted Cruz Says The Daily Beast

Tea Party Main Street | 3-25-2016

Bill Clinton sure made Monica do a job for him to get her paycheck. Barney Franks hired a young boy to give a job to and there's no doubt that the little boy had to do his job with Barney Franks. JFK had the young ladies that had jobs to do with him but I've never read anything about the jobs being done with JFK in the White House oval office. Now we are going to see this sexual dance again on the desk in the oval office with Ted Cruz pushing his weight onto poor working women or should I say "And Interns".

If Hillary becomes president of the United States and gets into the White House heaven help all the women that will have to exercise their tongues on Hillary and Huma to get their paychecks. It's not only men that create sexual discrimination against women.

I'm sure other presidents and congressional representatives had their jobs done on premier government property without a doubt. Back in the day when the White House was built the construction workers had a brothel for a short time period on White House grounds.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Establishment Republican, Who They Are And What They Are All About


Business Funds The Establishment Republican Whom Makes Profit Laws For Payola

Tea Party Main Street | 3-24-2016

Lots of news pundits telling everyone that there are no establishment republicans and there's no meaning to the words, "Establishment Republican". More thought control to keep the ways that go against U.S. citizens gaining wealth and a voice that would mean the end of the "Establishment Republican Monopoly" of a government that lets business control the U.S. as long as the fleet of establishment republicans gain re-election funds and are part of the insider trading network that lets elected congressional representatives use the insider trading network to gain monsterous wealth while they are not in congress serving the people they were elected to serve.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Paul Ryan, The Push Begins To Put Him The Way Of John Boehner And Marco Rubio


Ah Yeah! Facebook Is In Fact In The Tank For Libertarian Amnesty Through Ted Cruz Or Any Other Amnesty Candidate Not Talking Removal And Preaching The U.S. Constitution Loudly.

Libertarian Rino's That Are Up For Re-Election In 2016 List

Tea Party Main Street | 3-18-2016

Paul Ryan? OK, lets take a look at the likeable person who stays well liked as long as he can get people to believe what he's saying when he wants something like the job of "Speaker Of The House". Paul Ryan ran his mouth good to the "Liberty Caucus" whom were the votes to deny him. The "Liberty Caucus" who were not going to vote for him believed his spoken words to them so here we are with another "Ted Cruz Liar" as Speaker Of The House.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Dilemma Of The Establishment Republicans To Take Down Donald Trump And Crush The Will Of U.S. Citizens


Who's In Control? Democrat Communists, Business Or U.S. Citizens?

Tea Party Main Street | 3-16-2016

The certain dilemma of the establishment republicans that control 30% of the republican voting base who don't want Donald Trump. A 30% that is made up of libertarians who are Ted Cruz supporters and money mongers that use illegal aliens to boost their profits and lower wages for U.S. citizens. The true numbers of who wants what in the republican party are slowly but surely coming to light as the war to repair the United States by the used and abused U.S. citizens gets waged. The establishment republicans have all the cash and control but can they really save themselves from the 70% Tea Party "FIGHTING" base who will never back down and become the robots of fools and idiots.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump's Chicago Rally Attack. Chicago Or Seattle The Communist Headquarters?

Tea Party Main Street: How The Communist Democrats Get Away With Targeting U.S. Citizens. Click Link Here To Read Full Article >>>> http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2015/10/how-communist-democrats-get-away-with.html:
Bernie Sanders, "Communism Fast". Hillary Clinton, "Communism Slow".

Tea Party Main Street | 3-12-2016

I haven't come to any conclusions as to which city is the communist bastion headquarters? Both cities are havens for the anti U.S. armies of sagging thought that need direction from their Bernie Sanders communist loopy loo leaders whom only think of the failure of everybody but themselves and everyone that has any thoughts of doing for themselves.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

As Of 3-8-2016 Donald Trump Leads Hillary Clinton With 63% Of The Vote


The top numbers are the vote total for each candidate. This is just a small passerby poll on a truly neutral web site. I have a couple of links out to it but they are not significate to sway the vote to any degree. Most national polls only do 500 to 1500 contacts for their poll numbers with most at 500.

Out of 132 votes cast in this little bitty poll so far Donald Trump has 63% of the vote over Hillary Clinton and is growing.

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Monday, March 7, 2016

A Chosen Group Of Degates Deciding Over The Popular Vote Of The People? "NO"


The built in political rules and ways that keep the elitist in power making decisions over the will of the voters has to end and end right now. The United States is "NOT" a republic as long as chosen groups of people by the elected elitists get to make decisions over the majority vote of U.S. citizens.

In the event no candidate reaches the required delegate count for an outright nomination win between multiple candidates the final nominee should be chosen by the popular vote of U.S. citizens and not "The Chosen Group" who get to bargain with our lives and get their dumbarses and robots installed.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump Will Pay Less Taxes If Ted Cruz Gets Elected


Tea Party Main Street | 3-6-2016

If Ted Cruz gets elected and gets all his "Rino Libertarian" Counterparts in congress to approve his "Simple Flat Rate Tax Plan" and they will for sure every rich person in the U.S. will start to declare all their income as personal to lower and get the 10% flat tax rate Ted Cruz wants them to have.

Donald Trump's tax plan makes high earners and himself pay a 25% tax rate on personal income. Donald Trump in truth wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes than minimum wage workers.

Ted Cruz's tax plan makes you believe that everyone's wages would rise by 12% but the truth is only the wealthy will see wage increases because Ted Cruz voted against the border fence in 2013 and has no intent on deporting illegal aliens already here that is keeping wages low. Ted Cruz also voted to advance "Citizenship For Illegal Aliens" bill to the senate floor on the first vote knowing the bill would get the second vote and pass the senate's second vote.

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Friday, March 4, 2016

The True Estimated Size Of The "Tea Party" And Its Impact

Tea Party Main Street | 3-4-2016

The above poll is a "Newsmax" website poll. Newsmax is identified as more of a "Tea Party" leaning magazine that is more truthful in its writings.

Of coarse there's some non "Tea Party" republicans voting in these polls but I myself have always estimated the size of the "Tea Party" to be in the area of 70% of the republican base. Most un-natural question asked polls always show smaller numbers due to the fact that "Tea Party" conservatives just hang up the phone and don't want to be bothered by answering. I'm a good example of this. It's just getting "Tea Partiers" to show up and vote in the primaries that will blow out the establishment republicans completely.

This debate poll is a natural poll where passerby's can put in their spam collection email accounts and just pick who they like. The big national polls can come close in their accuracy but more times than not they are way off.

The "Tea Party" is splintered here and there and it takes months or even years in most cases for accurate information to circulate to them but as they start getting the correct information there impact gets greater and greater.

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mitt Romney Wets His Pants Again When He Found Out We Were Going To Fight

If Mitt Romney had taken off his diaper and rubber diaper draws that kept his urine from running down his legs when he peed himself and stood up to the good fight we were hiring him to do we wouldn't have Barack Obama right now.    http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/:  

If Mitt Romney had taken off his diaper and rubber diaper draws that kept his urine from running down his legs when he peed himself and stood up to the good fight we were hiring him to do we wouldn't have Barack Obama right now. Mitt Romney peed his pants in 2012 now we will fight Mitt Romney and his gaggle of libertarian establishment republicans because Mitt Romney just peed his pants again.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The General Election Win Will Be About Which Party Gets Less Voters Staying Home


Just Put Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio's Picture In The Red Instead Of Mitt Romney And The Results Of The 2016 Presidential Election Will Be Clear To Everyone. The GOP Establishment Republicans Are Playing The Same Game They Did In The 2012 Presidential Election That Got Us A Second Term Of Barack Obama By Installing Ted Cruz Or Marco Rubio. Donald Trump Unites, "Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio" Repel. It's about the money with the democrats, it's about the rinos with the republicans. 

Tea Party Main Street | 3-2-2016

If Donald Trump doesn't get the nomination the general presidential election will come down to which political party has the less people staying home and "Not" voting. The election will not be about voter turnout as it's called but instead about how many pissed off people stay home democrat and republican.

Captured Thoughts And The Gem Light


The "Gem Light"

WOW!  Really! Is the image that appears from time to time that captured my thoughts becoming the reality I never ever had any thoughts of becoming an actual reality? I'm verbally speechless to the point of just being a frozen stare at the gem light. Taking me time to write this. Is my imagination really that far out of reality and my brain playing tricks on me? If anyone needs a reality check I guess I'm at the head of the line for that.

I only started tapping out my opinions online because Barack Obama and his communist progressive democrats were affecting my income that I didn't want to let go. The income that's gone now and I'm trying to get back through promoting and getting Donald Trump elected. I dive head first into speculation that's usually on point but from time to time have to step back and relish the amazement of what's happening and make sure I haven't faded into "Dreamland".

Never ever thought the "Gem Light" was on until the light was shown to me by the image that has my thoughts captured. The image that appears from time to time and has my thoughts captured does draw me into the gem light without a doubt. The combination of the image and the vibrant output of the image has always had my thoughts captured since the first time the image appeared before my eyes.

Hat In Ring | 3-2-2016

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