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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Donald Trump Will Pay Less Taxes If Ted Cruz Gets Elected


Tea Party Main Street | 3-6-2016

If Ted Cruz gets elected and gets all his "Rino Libertarian" Counterparts in congress to approve his "Simple Flat Rate Tax Plan" and they will for sure every rich person in the U.S. will start to declare all their income as personal to lower and get the 10% flat tax rate Ted Cruz wants them to have.

Donald Trump's tax plan makes high earners and himself pay a 25% tax rate on personal income. Donald Trump in truth wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes than minimum wage workers.

Ted Cruz's tax plan makes you believe that everyone's wages would rise by 12% but the truth is only the wealthy will see wage increases because Ted Cruz voted against the border fence in 2013 and has no intent on deporting illegal aliens already here that is keeping wages low. Ted Cruz also voted to advance "Citizenship For Illegal Aliens" bill to the senate floor on the first vote knowing the bill would get the second vote and pass the senate's second vote.

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