"Tea Party", A Spinoff Political Entity In The Republican Party Of Ross Perot's 1990's Reform Party

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Democrat Resolute Desk, Donald Trump's Choice To Sign Executive Orders Reversing Democrat Communism


Donald Trump Uses Democrat Desk To Reverse The Democrat Change To Global Communism

Written By James Allan | 1-29-2017

The point of this article is, the Resolute Desk in our present time was used by the communist president Barack Obama to sign executive orders that put the United States on a path to a, "No World Borders With A Global United Nations Communist Government". Yes, Barack Obama and the democrat party made an attempt to merge all countries into a planet with no borders under global communism behind the Democrat Resolute Desk.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The, "Great Wall Of Trump" Encourages U.S. Citizen Economic Growth But Also Protects The Desert Environment


Democrats And Republican Libertarian Rinos Support This Environmental Damage

Written By James Allan | 1-26-2017

Sure, a wall between the U.S. and mexico will grow the economy by removing cheap illegal alien labor let to cross the southern border freely for business profits U.S. Working Citizens never see. When business is forced to pay more to U.S. Citizens in a natural economic environment free from cheap abundant labor the economy will grow and come alive again as U.S. Citizen spending increases. But also the immense unnecessary human traffic coming across the desert southwest is damaging the habitats of wildlife. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"BREAKING NEWS" Just Released, The Russian Hackers Worked For President Barack Obama

You won't believe want is just emerging about the Russia hacking of the DNC. It was a russian that did the hacking but the russia has a hacking company named "CrowdStrike" and guess who hired CrowdStike to hack the DNC, of course, "IT WAS OBAMA" the communist. The video at the beginning states this clearly. I have to study the video more but as far as I can tell Obama got pissed at the russians, tried a cyber attack on russia that failed, then hacked the DNC through CrowdStrike and blamed the hacking of the DNC on Russia in an attempt to attack russia by turning public opinion against russia. As I stated I myself have to study it a view it a few more times to learn about the players and the plot.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Voter Fraud, So Ingrained As A Tool To Win Politicians Learned How To Use It Well


Voter Fraud Committed By The Democrats Goes Beyond Just Illegal Aliens. Democrat Voter Fraud Goes Into Registering Dead People And Pets, Removing Electronic And Paper Ballots Cast For Republicans

Also Read: California Allows Online Voter Fraud 

Written By James Allan | 1-23-2017

I keep hearing about how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Even Fox News spews this out relentlessly. The problem that exists is "Everyone Knows" there's massive voter fraud in the U.S. election system but nobody wants to admit it in the media public or private. Voter Fraud is actually a learned tool of the political profession. Whom ever does voter fraud the best usually gets the edge on the opposition. The democrats are the best at voter fraud and the voter fraud is known to be so massive in California if the Federal government audited the 2016 presidential results Hillary Clinton's loss in the popular vote would be massive even without all the electronic and paper ballot republican votes that can never be found.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Donald Trump Capital "All Stars" Are Soon To Be The National Sensation


Government, Creating An Environment So We Can Decide

Written By James Allan | 1-18-2017

The Donald Trump "All Star" team is now in place and a new day is before us. The 4th of July has returned after 8 long years of being absent. We are again becoming who we should be instead of what they the opposition with educated mental disabilities desires us to be. We walk on nobody but we will not let anybody walk on us.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Laura Ingraham Considers A Run For The Senate In 2018. Tea Party Fully Supports Her


Senator "Laura Ingraham" In 2018

Just heard it on Hannity. "Laura Ingraham Is Considering A Run For a Senate Seat" in 2018. Sean Hannity asked her and she stated it was being considered.

Actually, a speculated look at this is Laura intentionally leaked this information through Hannity to see what the reaction will be.

"RUN LAURA INGRAHAM RUN" For The Senate Seat! We Endorse You! OK :)

Tea Party Main Street Home

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Historian Scrolls Found In Vatican Detailing An Eyewitness Account Of A Jesus Christ Miracle



Written By James Allan | 1-15-2017

I read the article. Sounds more like Jesus was more in the nature of a doctor that knew the baby needed to be stimulated physically to start the baby's system. Same as today's doctors and nurses do. Jesus most likely understood the human body well and knew how to treat conditions naturally. This find is awesome and shows there were "Superstars" back in B.C. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

A New Republican Party Under Donald Trump Is Emerging That Rejects Its Past Failures


It's Not About Electing People To Power That Will Take Us Somewhere They Say Is Better. It's Only About Electing People Into Power That Will Take Us To The Better Place Where We Want To Be.

Written By James Allan | 12-20-2016

A Now Revamped Republican Party Is On The Horizon That Is Pushing Out Its Past Politicians Whom Created Failures Of All Sorts And Putting U.S. Citizens Over Business, Government And Immigrants To Preserve And Better Our Republic As A Nation Founded For Its Citizens.

As the new Republican Party forms under the leadership of Donald Trump and the non libertarian "Tea Party" we must make certain all of our efforts do not go to waste and build a never ending effort that cannot be broken. Taking back our political party that was taken from us while we were asleep by third party libertarian "Rinos" is underway. Spokespersons that speak for our efforts must be vetted and maintained in the near Donald Trump voice so when we are ready to step down the next generations of us can keep up the effort that our generation created and put into play.

The Non Politically Correct Refreshing Speech Of Donald Trump


Donald Trump Cracks Down And Uplifts U.S. Citizens 9 Days Before Being Inaugurated 

Donald Trump Full News Conference 1-11-2017 Calling CNN Fake News

By James Allan | 1-12-2017

Monday, January 9, 2017

The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence On Facebook And The Lefts Push Of False Reality Over What's Real


We As Many May Be Outnumber By The Few With Files Filled With Electronic Personalities

Also Read: Inside Facebooks Artificial Intelligence Project

Below Written By James Allan | 1-9-2017

First of all, this article is pure speculation since the topic of artificial personalities on Facebook is only hearsay. There is positive evidence that Facebook is engaging in building artificial intelligence but there's only articles about them improving their profits though it. I've read some small talk by individuals that are fearful and believe Facebook is creating electronic personalities to engage in social media thought manipulation.