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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Newt Gingrich Creates More Brain Damage For Megyn Kelly As She Tries To Protect Hillary Clinton


In the above video Newt Gingrich was trying to talk about the overall health and welfare of the United States as a constitutional republic that Hillary Clinton was going to destroy and Megyn Kelly was focused on "Women's Activism" and protecting Hillary Clinton's reputation relishing on how bad Donald Trump was going to lose no matter what destruction Hillary Clinton will bring to the population of the United States. Sure Donald Trump has a mouth but but he has never acted on it and Megyn Kelly constantly downplaying Donald Trump in favor of a Hillary Clinton who clearly is corrupt and far far worse than Donald Trump says Megyn Kelly is the type of person that has been flushing the United States down the toilet instead of solving problems for the population as a whole before turning to the betterment of women's conditions.

Monday, October 24, 2016

I Voted For Donald Trump On The Third Day Of Early Voting. I Would Have Voted On The First Day But I Had To Venture Out On The Third

I voted for Donald Trump

I did it. I hustled my arse down on the 3rd day of early voting in Nevada and cast my vote for Donald Trump. Not to bad of a line. 15 to 20 minutes I was out and Donald Trump has one more vote. Well, I made sure I got there before everyone got off work. The line was always hanging out the front door but the voting machines were very simple so people were coming and going at a steady pace.

A Vote For Donald Trump Is A Vote For Rising U.S. Citizen Incomes.

Please Visit " Donald Trump White House " Forum 


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Gay Online Magazine Labels Hillary Clinton As Lesbian Due To Overwhelming Evidence


Hillary Clinton Is Gay Article By Lesbian "Curve" Magazine

This article by the lesbian Curve magazine isn't about if Hillary Clinton is gay or not even though that's the article title and they go on to say it's all rumor and Hillary Clinton said she wasn't. Lesbian Curve Magazine has made a short sentence caption directly under the Globe newspaper picture stating that Hillary Clinton is a "lesbian". This article by "Curve Magazine" is all about why straight people always have to create a rumor that all powerful women are gay and make all women in public life a gay issue during election campaigns and during their reigns if they get elected when a lot of the elected women are not gay at all. In this one instance Curve Lesbian Magazine states Hillary Clinton "Is Gay" but most women in power are not. Some pics they state are photoshopped but the one of Christina Aguilera I found out isn't and did happen.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Lesbian Wellesley College And Heterosexuals Becoming Homosexuals On College Campuses

This Article isn't about "Gay Bashing". This Article was created from the writings of other authors to show Hillary Clinton's homosexuality because we have a right to know "Who Our Elected Leaders Truly Are". I have no problem with gays having their social rights and rights under the law except for the use of the name, "Marraige" and "Raising Children" but homosexuality is not "Natures Way" and indeed is a birth defect of nature.   

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton, We Have A Right To Know Who She's Going To Be As Our 2016 Elected President

The picture above is "Not" Photoshopped. It's an actual 1960's era pic enlarged

Hillary Clinton It Appears Has Sexual Desires For Women That Bill Clinton Likes Which Leaves Him Free To Chase Women Of His Liking Freely And Unrestricted

The Above Rare Pic Of Hillary Clinton And Eleanor Acheson Just Became Public Of Them Topless When They Were Roommates At Wellesley College. Eleanor Is 100% Gay. I researched her being gay. Hillary Clinton Has Had A Few Questionable Female Friendships Over The Years. If you look closely you can see Eleanor with her arm on Hillary Clinton's waste and even though you can't see exactly where Hillary Clinton's arm is it appears to be down Eleanor's back.

From "Free Republic: All About Hillary Clintons Gay Roommate Article

From James Allan: Hillary Clinton And Lesbianism At Wellesley College

This Lesbian magazine link below even admits Hillary Clinton is gay. The article is about lesbians being treated as, "Man Haters" and how lesbian women of power are always pounced on for being lesbian man haters and making political decisions based on gay politics and not sound proven objectives. The first sentence under the "Globe" magazine pic states she is then goes into the spiel of how powerful lesbian women are called out for being "Man-Haters"..

From The Lesbian Magazine Curve: Is Hillary Clinton A Lesbian ? "Yes"

A Couple That Have Desires Of Control Over Women

Tea Party Main Street | 5-11-2016

Billary Clinton attacking her husbands abused women was just to keep the public from finding out Billary Clinton liked Monica's figure also and to keep both of their sexual desires and antics under wrap. I would like to find out if Bill was warming Monica up for a "Threesome". The threesome part is just speculation by me because I like to speculate as we are finding out that Billary Clinton is homosexual. Women's rights are important but Billary Clinton's campaign is all about women and nothing else. We now know how deep Billary's feelings go for women.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Truth About Donald Trump And The Trumped Up Sexual Accusations Against Him By Democrats Opinion


Donald Trump Doesn't Have To Grope Women 

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2016

All these recent allegations against Donald Trump after the release of the recording of him making comments about "Coping A Feel" off women is to suspicious to believe. Donald Trump has his pick of any woman he wants at least when he was single.

The problem with these recent allegations against Donald Trump I have is not one allegation was made against him before the 2016 presidential election and all the allegations are coming directly from the democrat party through NBC and democrat surrogate media outlets. See, all the Bill Clinton rape and groping accusers were in fact, "Democrat Women" supporting Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton groped and raped his own supporters. The Bill Clinton supporters that were raped and groped were the ones that came forward and filed complaints on their own before the republican party ever found out about the sexual abuse allegations against Bill Clinton.

Donald Trump Will Support The Financial Freedom Advancement And Needs Of Democrat Leaning Women So He Should Not Be Feared


Bernie Sanders Women In This Pic Above At A Bernie Sanders Rally Do Have A Place To Go That Supports There Financial Needs And Advancement In An Equal Society

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2016

What's happening pure and simple with the fact that Donald Trump is having a problem with women is Billary Clinton's radical "Code Pink" communist women's group is geared towards slamming women that don't vote with their gender. These radical Billary Clinton left wing women are actually telling other women they are "Not" women or fake women if they don't vote with what they were born with. Many women are intimidated by these radical left wing women in social circles and the workplace. All the women not in tight social circles not married tend to be swayed by Billary's radical women's movement. Bernie Sanders gave these women a social circle to flee from Billary to but since Bernie got burned by Billary these unattached women have to move back to Billary. And what else isn't seen to well is the "libertarian republican democrats (rino's)" support Billary Clinton also so they can save their push for business to run the United States. You can find many of these libertarian rino women on Fox News denouncing Donald Trump. Sure, Donald Trump owns a business but I can assure women that he doesn't want business to control the U.S. at all. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Megyn Kelly, The Rising Star Created By Conservative Women Walks On The Conservative Women That Created Her Stardom


Megyn Kelly Poses Like This For Money To Get Men Aroused Then Bashes Men When They Talk About Wanting To Touch While She Herself Is Protecting A Sexual Predator 

Newsmax Article Link:

The Article Below Was Written By James Allan | 10-12-2016

The Author Of This Article Absolutely Does Not Condone Real Sexual Assaults Or Groping Against Women Like The Force That Was Applied Against Women By Bill Clinton Either Physically Or Mentally For Sex. Kisses And Pats Of Affection On Areas Not Considered To Be Sexual Between Acquaintances Can Be Heard. Don't Kiss The Girl Anymore At Parties Boys.   

The once conservative hopeful woman spokesperson Megyn Kelly has turned out to be the chuckle in the conservative arena. With Megyn Kelly republican women just don't exist. If your a conservative women nowadays you don't count on any level with her, the libertarian republican democrats and democrats. Republican conservative women once were the driving force in Megyn Kelly's rise to fame on Fox News and now it's coming to bear that she has a rejection of conservative women. No Megyn, Dana Perino, Dana Loesch and the other women that hold each others libertarian ideology are not, "Conservatives" even though they claim to be. You women are "Libertarian Democrats" in the republican party disguised as conservatives.    

Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump Will Do For The United States Just Like He Did In Raising His Children


Not to much to write on this subject. Donald Trump's children, all three of them will be future candidates for elected positions weather they like it or not. Donald Trump raised his children on hard work before they gained access to executive positions and family paychecks at their fathers real estate company. They are well spoken and tuned into what all of us non wealthy deplorable's have to go through including women. Actually, I'd really like to see Don or Eric go face to face in a debate against Billary Clinton and have their father step aside. Don and Eric are much better speakers than their father Donald Trump. I've heard Ivanka Trump speak also and she's just as well spoken as Don and Eric but doesn't seem to have the drive to mentally "Eat" like Don and Eric. I'm sure if Ivanka gets pissed off at Billary her well spoken words would gain the drive to mentally "Eat".

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

"MUST READ" Shocking List Of Bill Clinton Sexual Assaults As Governor And President Covered Up By Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton Knows Bill Clinton Is A Sexual Predator And Covered His Activities Up For Cash, Political Power And Her Communist Code Pink Women's Group She Founded

This List Was Complied By James Allan From Trusted Publishers | 10-8-2016

Hillary Clinton and establishment libertarian rino republicans pounce on Donald Trump for his "Boy Talk" words and ignore Bill Clinton's past and still ongoing sexual abuse of women. The fact of the matter is Donald Trump has never acted on his words and has always done the opposite of what he has spoken about women from time to time in discussions with other married men privately.
These actions by the establishment libertarian rino republicans make a statement that they fully endorse Hillary Clinton for president. Hillary Clinton covering up her husband Bill Clintons sexual abuse of women makes a statement that she is just as guilty of "Abuse" towards women.
None of the people accusing Bill Clinton of sexual assaults while Bill Clinton was governor and president knew each other or of each other. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Vice President Pick Tim Kaine Is Just As Communist As She Is And Follows Code Pink Global Communism

Written By Jim Allan | 10-5-2016

Doesn't have to rhyme. A Twat is a Twat no matter what name you attach to it. Billary has a Twat that twitches and now her twitchy Twat is on the loose. When Billary's Twat is twitching and on the loose it covers us in gooey slim that attracts others of Billary's type who crave to lick her twitchy twat that's on the loose. :) 

 Of course the "Twat" I'm talking about above is Tim Kaine and not women. I'm just making a statement of how Billary Clinton tossed out a part of her. I have great respect for all women but a communist mobster isn't a women but instead just a beast with a twat (Tim Kaine). 

Billary Clinton picked a running mate for her that was just as communist as she is. Tim Kaine Is part of Billary Clinton's communist women's group, "Code Pink". Yes, Billary Clinton is the founder of the communist women's group "Code Pink".

Click Here To Read About Code Pink

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Is Hillary Clinton The Daughter Of Her Father Adolf Hitler Or A Man That Just Hated Jews


The Above Pic Shows Adolf Hitler At 17 And Hillary Clinton About 10 Years Older Than Her Father Adolf. Adolf's Face Hasn't Fully Filled Out To Where Hillary's Face Is At. Although Hillary Has Some Facial Features Of Her Unknown German Mother She Posseses Some Of Her Father Adolf's Features Especially In The Eyes And Overall Look. Both Looks Of Hidden Evil Pierce

Jovial News Point Breaking Story

Written By Snicker Attruth | 10-3-2016

Sure, nowadays who's the real person that is our president with the democrat and libertarian republican open borders policies. You never know what you are getting at face value since the democrats preach everything U.S. citizens want to hear and when they get elected the push goes a completely opposite direction. The libertarians in the republican party are democrats that have a different ideology than their communist counterparts in the democratic party. The libertarian republicans like a small government opposed to the communist democrat liking a huge government. You ask why are their democrats in the republican party? Because they run as republican and when they get elected they govern opposite of the republican party platform. That was an easy thought, "or was it?".

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Did Bill Clinton And Barack Obama Release Military Aircraft Technology To The Russians In 2001 and 2009


The U.S. F-22 Raptor The Russian Military Is Copying From Bill Clinton's Treason

Video Above Showing Russian Development Of U.S. Aircraft And Battlefield Radar

The video above is a long one with many commercials and stoppages so bear with it

Must View Look At Advancing Russian Military Technology Given Away By The U.S. Democrats

Written By James Allan | 10-1-2016
Hopefully Democrats Will Come Back To The Reality That This Isn't Good For Anyone

Anyone into military air power should look at this video. The video is about the developing russian air power secretly given to them by the Clinton admin. in 2001 and Barack Obama in 2009. I say given to them secretly because the russians just do not have the capacity to develop high tech electronics and weapons system unless they steal or purchase it. Sure, the russians have the capability to design the airframes and build them but the electronic weapons systems and delicate electronics they have to get from somebody else.