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Friday, October 14, 2016

Truth About Donald Trump And The Trumped Up Sexual Accusations Against Him By Democrats Opinion


Donald Trump Doesn't Have To Grope Women 

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2016

All these recent allegations against Donald Trump after the release of the recording of him making comments about "Coping A Feel" off women is to suspicious to believe. Donald Trump has his pick of any woman he wants at least when he was single.

The problem with these recent allegations against Donald Trump I have is not one allegation was made against him before the 2016 presidential election and all the allegations are coming directly from the democrat party through NBC and democrat surrogate media outlets. See, all the Bill Clinton rape and groping accusers were in fact, "Democrat Women" supporting Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton groped and raped his own supporters. The Bill Clinton supporters that were raped and groped were the ones that came forward and filed complaints on their own before the republican party ever found out about the sexual abuse allegations against Bill Clinton.

Paula Jones was a democrat and kicked off the accusations against Bill Clinton in 1989 on her own. Nobody brought Paula Jones out because she is a wildcat woman that  was so pissed at Bill Clinton she went after him all by herself. It was the Paula Jones lawyers out to twist some cash out of Bill Clinton that uncovered the Monica Lewinsky affair. After Paula Jones started a stink about what Bill Clinton did to her in the media on her own some others contacted Paula Jones or her lawyers and Bill Clinton was caught red handed with his pants down having a "Current Affair" with Monica Lewinsky.

With the Donald Trump claims of sexual abuse coming out right now the women are all being brought forward by, "THE DEMOCRATS". None of the women came forward on their own and were always introduced through democrat controlled media. Of course the accusations against Donald Trump have to come out through the media outlets controlled by the democrats because it wouldn't have that much impact if the accusations came though democrat politicians. What touched me off to this thought is one came out of Seattle, Washington and this city is a communist wonderland. All the accusations against Donald Trump are coming from heavy democrat areas. Now we all know what the 6 billions dollars missing from the U.S. State Dept. is being spent on. The 6 billion missing dollars went to the media outlets to pay for things like this. 

An example of the type of person Donald Trump is compared to Bill Clinton:

* Bill Clinton is a horny man predator that lives his life with his penis in somebody's mouth for his own personal pleasure only, several times a day with all kinds of woman regardless of willingness. With Bill Clinton if it walks and looks like it will satisfy his daily hunger to release his load in a woman's face it's fair game to make it happen.

* Donald Trump is a, "Love Maker" that wants the woman to enjoy what he is enjoying in her. Donald Trump wants the woman to participate of her own free will for maximum pleasure in a relationship between both that is of the two only.

Melania Trump even stated in several interviews that she was the one Donald Trump picked in a room full of women that were dressed to attract. Melania stated Donald Trump approached in the manner of a gentleman and not a male with a budge in his pants and hips that were twitching for action.

Come on? Melania is a great looking woman but Marla (Maples) Trump was the visit for Donald Trump between his wife's. Why would Donald Trump go to some other woman when his ex wife that had his child was very attractive? Just because Donald had personality conflicts with his ex doesn't mean he didn't go back and visit his daughter that he had with Marla. Oh yeah, during his visits with his daughter why not make happy with his ex wife? Donald has his own jet and until Donald or Marla found "Another" why not revisit old times before the personality conflicts arose? You may here accusations of Donald Trump cheating on Marla Maples or vice versa but it's always personality conflicts that create the splitting up of couples unless your Bill And Billary Clinton who engage in sex with anyone that gets their juices flowing as part of their marriage.


Marla (Maples) Trump

Sure, NBC secretly tapes "All" celebrities private conversations and they have thousands of taped conversations to use against anyone that doesn't do the lock step with the communist democrat party. NBC and other democrat media has been recording private conversations for years using the same techniques Howard Stern uses to get people to say things that are stupid and embarrassing.

NBC got the recording of Donald Trump's "Boy Talk" bragging through their comrade Billy Bush. A relative of the George Bush's and Jeb Bush. Billy Bush now has some of that 6 billion dollars missing from the state dept. too.

The democrat media most likely has all kinds of files on celebrities, politicians and business persons for blackmail and kill purposes they have been saving since Bill Clinton was president. 

Yeah, OK, Donald Trump spoke the words but never acted on them ever. Donald Trump most likely heard other famous men talking about their exploits "Coping A Feel" by grabbing a woman's hot spot so Donald Trump had to show his dominance with a lie by saying he could do that too. It's just like college boys telling all their friends that they banged a hot looking girl on campus and how good she is in bed when in actuality the boys never touched the girl and the girl has to walk around campus with all kinds of boys touching her, "Virgin Body" and wanting sex.

When Donald Trump decided to run for the presidency NBC pulled out that recording of Donald Trump bragging and started to create the plan against Donald showing he was an abuser of women to counter the little bit of republican media left that were going to attack Bill Clinton on his real sexual abuse. Yes, the democrats knew far in advance that Bill Clinton was going to get attacked for raping and groping women when Billary declared her candidacy. 

Since Donald Trump had to flap his yap to keep up his manly dominance with the sexual exploits of other famous horny men the democrats had the scenario to set Donald Trump up and steer the woman vote towards Billary. The democrats also had the 6 billion dollars Billary stole from the state dept. also.

The women that are now coming out and accusing Donald Trump of doing the exact same thing Bill Clinton is accused of doing are getting paid well. I saw some of the interviews with these women making accusations against Donald Trump and the sexual things done sound exactly like what Bill Clinton's victims stated happened to them. One even was reading from a "Written Script". When you have been sexually abused that bad no script is needed. You will remember it like it just happened. 

I saw another interview of one of Donald Trumps sexual abuse accusers and she was talking about Donald Trump groping her on a commercial airliner full of people in or around the mid 1970's. I thought back and in the 1970's Donald Trump was already wealthy. I saw a documentary on his early years and it showed him flying over New York City in a, "Chartered Airplane". Wealthy people just don't fly commercial. You may see the Clinton's flying commercial back in the 1970's and before Bill Clinton became president but back in the 1970's Donald Trump was worth in the area of 500 million dollars. Kinda funny how the democrat party is able to purchase a "BRAND NEW COMMERCIAL JET AIRLINER" to fly Billary around on. I guess the 6 billion dollars that Billary stole from the state dept. can afford her a new jet airliner ride to keep up with Donald Trumps nice jetliner he worked to get.

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