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Friday, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump Will Support The Financial Freedom Advancement And Needs Of Democrat Leaning Women So He Should Not Be Feared


Bernie Sanders Women In This Pic Above At A Bernie Sanders Rally Do Have A Place To Go That Supports There Financial Needs And Advancement In An Equal Society

Written By James Allan | 10-14-2016

What's happening pure and simple with the fact that Donald Trump is having a problem with women is Billary Clinton's radical "Code Pink" communist women's group is geared towards slamming women that don't vote with their gender. These radical Billary Clinton left wing women are actually telling other women they are "Not" women or fake women if they don't vote with what they were born with. Many women are intimidated by these radical left wing women in social circles and the workplace. All the women not in tight social circles not married tend to be swayed by Billary's radical women's movement. Bernie Sanders gave these women a social circle to flee from Billary to but since Bernie got burned by Billary these unattached women have to move back to Billary. And what else isn't seen to well is the "libertarian republican democrats (rino's)" support Billary Clinton also so they can save their push for business to run the United States. You can find many of these libertarian rino women on Fox News denouncing Donald Trump. Sure, Donald Trump owns a business but I can assure women that he doesn't want business to control the U.S. at all. 

Most of these women floating towards Bernie Sanders and Billary Clinton see these two candidates as financial stability through mandatory cash flow into their pockets. I've met many lets say, "Free Spirited" women but most are clearly concerned about maintaining a home and creating a family that surrounds them with financial, social and relationship protection. These women see all this stability in their lives through the democrats and not the republicans. 

Donald Trump and the republicans do offer these women everything they want but these women do not see it. Donald Trump lays it out time and time again but these women see clarity in false democrat promises over the solid true ways of what Donald Trump is announcing. The reason for this is the years of "Libertarian Republican Democrats (Rinos)" that have controlled the republican party for many decades.

Donald Trump and the "Non Libertarian" Tea Party republicans are in a stand against these "Libertarian Republican Democrats (Rinos)" that have lead the republican party into a thought of distrust with many U.S. citizens. Donald Trump and the "Non Libertarian" Tea Party republicans are out to change this distrust and push out all the politicians that won't do for "All" U.S. citizens only and make the economy work for all U.S. citizens including the wants of women. With Donald Trump the economy will work for women's financial needs without "Big Government" telling everyone how they have to act and what they have to say in order to get a welfare check.

When Donald Trump says, "U.S. Citizens" first that means women too. Women and black U.S. Citizens always feel like they are going to be left out but the fact of the matter is Donald Trump is going to shove the wealth down to U.S. citizens. When Donald Trump talks harshly against "Illegal Aliens" it doesn't mean he is talking harshly about U.S. citizen women and blacks. It only means he's going to take away the "Competition U.S. Citizens Have With Immigrants For Good Paychecks And Cash". Yes, U.S. citizens are in competition with foreigners in the U.S. for financial incomes which lowers employee wages. Illegal Aliens also consume welfare benefits from the government which lowers welfare payments to U.S. citizens. Immigration isn't going to be ended or stomped out but only put in a place that lowers the competition U.S. citizens are going through with foreigners inside the U.S. for jobs and good paychecks. U.S. citizen women will become a huge economic power in the U.S. equal to men when the competition from foreigners is removed. "True". 

Some people think there's endless cash floating around when news casters talk about "Trillions" this and "Trillions" that. A billion here and a billion there! U.S. citizen women say, "Why Can't We Get Some Of That Money"? Well, nobody tells them that they can't get any of it because there's only so many trillions out in the economy and foreigners illegally in the U.S. are getting it. There's nothing to force businesses to pay more to a woman that can be replaced with a foreigner who will work for less. Then women say, "We'll Make Government Force Businesses To Pay More" and that always works out with businesses moving to china where the government forces businesses to pay only $1.00 an hour and U.S. businesses get more of the trillions that should be going to U.S. citizen women.

The non libertarian "Tea Party" republican conservatives are pushing for Donald Trump because under a Donald Trump presidency there will be plenty of paths for "All" women to gain economy freedom through better paychecks and if they get into trouble there will be plenty of cash in the government welfare system to sustain a woman's household and children. Welfare isn't going away it's just going to remove immigrants that have no right to it so U.S. citizens can benefit better from the existence of government welfare. 

The non libertarian "Tea Party" see's what the problem is with government and we are on the path to "Clean Our Own House" so to speak and if women get on board with Donald Trump they will see vast improvements in their financial situations within two years. Of course will all want our financial situations to improve faster but the libertarians and democrats will always project resistance for anything that doesn't go along with their ideology of more government and business control over the United States. The non libertarian "Tea Party" wants to end government and business control over the United States and return the majority of wealth back to U.S. citizens.

Donald Trump will adhere to his political party base which is the non libertarian "Tea Party" that supports women's financial freedom and the growth of women in the United States economy. Yes, the conservative "Tea Party" has many growing political women's groups. The democrat party isn't the only party that has women's groups. Women do have respectful republican women's groups they can get involved in. Many women that used to be democrats are now prominent "Tea Party" republicans working for the advancement of women through support of Donald Trump in the "Tea Party". Donald Trump won't go against his "Tea Party" women's groups. "Tea Party" women won't put up with any rascal politicians at all. 

Women for Donald Trump will "Win". Women don't have to go public with their support for Donald Trump. Trump supporters don't even go public because they don't want to be attacked by out of control violent democrat radicals which happens all the time. We all just go into the voting booth and mark, "Donald Trump For President" 

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