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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Megyn Kelly, The Rising Star Created By Conservative Women Walks On The Conservative Women That Created Her Stardom


Megyn Kelly Poses Like This For Money To Get Men Aroused Then Bashes Men When They Talk About Wanting To Touch While She Herself Is Protecting A Sexual Predator 

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The Article Below Was Written By James Allan | 10-12-2016

The Author Of This Article Absolutely Does Not Condone Real Sexual Assaults Or Groping Against Women Like The Force That Was Applied Against Women By Bill Clinton Either Physically Or Mentally For Sex. Kisses And Pats Of Affection On Areas Not Considered To Be Sexual Between Acquaintances Can Be Heard. Don't Kiss The Girl Anymore At Parties Boys.   

The once conservative hopeful woman spokesperson Megyn Kelly has turned out to be the chuckle in the conservative arena. With Megyn Kelly republican women just don't exist. If your a conservative women nowadays you don't count on any level with her, the libertarian republican democrats and democrats. Republican conservative women once were the driving force in Megyn Kelly's rise to fame on Fox News and now it's coming to bear that she has a rejection of conservative women. No Megyn, Dana Perino, Dana Loesch and the other women that hold each others libertarian ideology are not, "Conservatives" even though they claim to be. You women are "Libertarian Democrats" in the republican party disguised as conservatives.    

Megyn Kelly speaks of how she is a woman's advocate and makes that point clear. It's come to light that Megyn Kelly is a Billary Clinton "Code Pink" type woman's advocate and as the Code Pink woman's group goes if your not for women's communism your not a woman, your just a thing. I don't think right now that Megyn Kelly is a communist but Megyn does in fact support Billary Clinton fully and the Code Pink communist women's group was founded by Billary Clinton. Megyn can only find friends in the libertarian and democrat party.

I only am writing this article because I was a Megyn Kelly fan too and am really disappointed in her engagement with Donald Trump. Sure, Donald Trump has said some things that were not taken lightly by some women but the things said are normal conversation with men all around the world and the issue was only brought up by Megyn Kelly in the 2016 election cycle and not before. Megyn Kelly has never advanced this issue with men until the election cycle started. Megyn Kelly has been on Fox News for many years now and has never made a case about manly talk and men groping women until now. I've never groped any women but I have made touching advances on women. Hey, if they rejected the touching I surely stopped. I never would put my hand between a women's legs. I was in a bar one time and a woman grabbed my crotch. I was sitting in a restaurant with a buddy and a women sat next to my buddy and told him she wanted to fck him right in front of me. I've seen plenty of women in action with men.
Now if you kiss a women you are, "Guilty Of Sexual Assault".   

Only some men that are popular with women grope women because most of the women give into it so on and on it goes. "True" Megyn Kelly and Billary Clinton are not targeting "All" men that do this and only targeting their political opponent who is Donald Trump singularly. Megyn And Billary are making Donald Trump their target to cover up for Bill Clinton who is their protected "Sexual Predator". Men that are used as "Boy Toys" by women like Bill Clinton is never get attacked for groping and rape by the democrat and libertarian party. When certain elements of the republican party (Tea Party) attack Bill Clinton for his abuse of women Megyn Kelly and Billary Clinton always put up a barrier that shields Bill Clinton. 

Megyn Kelly always claims to be an advocate of women and her favorite magazine to give interviews to is Vanity Fair. The problem with Megyn is that she hates Donald Trump and puts walls up to shield Billary Clinton knowing that Billary Clinton is married to and protecting her husband Bill Clinton who actually is a sexual predator exposing and shaking his penis at women then asking the women he is shaking his penis at to give him a blow job. A couple of women even accused Bill Clinton of rape. Megyn Kelly who claims to be an advocate of women, "NEVER" speaks of Bill Clinton's sexual abuses towards women. Megyn Kelly even outright defends Bill Clinton's history of sexual abuse with her libertarian buddy Judge Andrew Napolitano then goes "On Air" at Fox News boosting Billary Clinton's image.

Megyn Kelly should have "Never" been a moderator at the first republican primary debate. Megyn is a self proclaimed independent and fully supports Billary Clinton and the democrats. The person that made her a moderator needs to be fired. Just because Fox News saw some ratings in her and hired her doesn't mean she's a conservative republican. 

Megyn Kelly is the top reason Donald Trump is doing bad with women and if Donald Trump loses Megyn Kelly is at the top of the food chain to be trounced on by republicans. Megyn Kelly friends herself with the the known "libertarian republican democrats". The libertarian republican democrats elected to office and infiltrated into Fox News support more democrat issues than republican and will be right up there with Megyn Kelly to be trounced on if Donald Trump loses the 2016 presidential election. The "Libertarian Republican Democrats" also referred to as "Rinos" are really bad.

Hey Megyn Kelly, if you by chance you read this I'd say you had better hope Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election over Billary Clinton. You may be able to overshadow me and small groups who are blaming you for Billary Clinton with your money and fame but you will not be able to take on 70% of the republican party that are pissed off Donald Trump supporters. "NEVER HILLARY!" no matter what! 

We understand the problem women have with man talk and some touching but Billary is far worse X 1000 and if she gets elected into the presidency you are at the top of the "Food Chain" for what you did to Donald Trump at the first republican primary debate, "YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN MODERATING". I read your contract at Fox News is up in the summer of 2017. I also read you get paid on the basis of "Ratings" and you are in a fight to get paid as much as Bill O'Reilly stating that your womanhood should be getting paid as much as a man. Guess what? 

Conservative women made you Megyn Kelly and it's going to be conservative women that take you down when they all realize you stabbed them square in the back if Donald Trump loses. You Megyn Kelly are the #1 reason that Donald Trump doesn't get elected so you are going to be the #1 target of insults and large talk. Oh Yeah Megyn, "There's Going To Be A Lot Of Boy Talk Going On About You". If us conservative boys and girls can't turn our attention on a Donald Trump win then we will just turn our attention on the #1 person that created Donald Trumps loss.

Megyn, you can go ahead and gloat to no extent right now but when the United States gets flooded with immigrants, wages go lower, businesses move out of the U.S., crime rises, people start losing what they have worked hard for and have to struggle just that much more with immigrants that shouldn't be here as government expands into globalism the first person they will think of is, "Megyn Kelly". 



She May Be Working For The Clinton's. She Surely Supports Them To No End

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