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Friday, August 19, 2016

Billionaires Pay Hillary Clinton And The Democrats To Raise Taxes That's Steering All Wealth In The United States To Them


Everything Stated In This Picture Is, "TRUE"
The corporations and wealthy are willing to pay higher taxes because high taxes crush small business and keep the wealth flowing to the corporations and the wealthy 1%. Small business takes wealth away from corporations and the 1%. It's all by design.

Donald Trumps tax plan is designed to encourage small business growth that will drain corporations, wall street and billionaire's of all their wealth and give the wealth back to U.S. citizens through the rise of small businesses that will rise up all over the United States again. Small Business redistributes wealth out of the hands of any group of individuals and government. 

Some of the wealth the billionaires accumulate gets paid to politicians who will vote to crush small business to keep all the wealth in the United States flowing to corporations, wall street and big business. As a matter of fact, the democrats are out to get their cut from this scheme that keeps the wealth out of the hands of the general public. The more small businesses that get crushed means an even greater flow of cash to the already wealthy and corporations. 

If you want higher wages, job opportunities and to end your poverty, "Vote For Donald Trump" and the growth of small businesses. Donald Trump may be a billionaire too but he's one of the very few that fight for U.S. citizens. Donald Trump has his wealth and is just out to give back to the country that fulfilled his dreams of becoming financially free. 

All the other billionaires that support Hillary Clinton are paying politicians to keep, "YOU POOR" and all the wealth directed towards them! All the democrat voters are trying to stop the widening income gap between the wealthy and poor but don't realize, "It's The Democrat Voters Themselves That Are Creating The Widening Income Gap" by voting into elected office the democrat politicians who are stuffing their pockets and laughing at the democrat voters who suck up what they are being fed by their democrat elected politicians.

Hillary Clinton and the democrats may talk about Donald Trumps tax plan as feeding the wealthy though lower taxes but that's by design to keep voters off balance with thought manipulation that will keep voters voting for the democrat politicians who are only out to steer all the wealth to themselves and their corporate and wall street cohorts. This spiel from Hillary Clinton about how raising taxes on the rich is going to take from the rich and give to the poor is "Bull Shit" and she knows it.

The reality is, "Lowering Business Tax Rates" creates small businesses that take the wealth away from the corporations, wall street and the wealthy 1% on a massive scale that's much larger than the United States government. 

When you raise taxes on small business they go out of business and all U.S. Citizen spending gets diverted to the corporations, wall street and the wealthy 1%. When Hillary Clinton and the democrats taxed businesses at the current 35%, small businesses started to vanish and corporate chain stores start popping up in every town and city. Have you ever wondered why everyplace you go all you see is "Corporate Chain Stores" who have very little competition? If Hillary Clinton and the democrats get away with installing their 45% business tax rate you will see all small businesses vanish within the borders of the U.S.. If you have any dream about graduating college and starting your own business you can "Forget About That Dream". 

 Just think of it, "The Democrat Voters Are Voting For Corporations And The Wealthy 1%" that they hate and wonder why they can't turn the wealth around back towards U.S. citizens. When a democrat votes for a democrat politician, corporations and the wealthy 1% celebrate as their profits grow. 

The democrat voter votes to keep the borders open as their democrat elected leaders bring in more immigrants to give tax money to in the form of welfare for their babies, subsidized housing and food stamps, then the immigrants take jobs away from U.S. citizens who start small businesses in which spreads the wealth. The immigrants never bitch about the corporations who split some of the profits with the democrats. 

The democrats are crying about the widening income gap between the working class and the wealthy that they themselves are responsible for creating by sucking up to the democrat party "Pay For Play" with wall street and democrat billionaires. Lots of property destruction and loss of life due to what the democrat voter created and are protesting against, "AT THE SAME TIME".

You never hear wall street, corporations and the wealthy 1% screaming about higher tax rates. "Why?". I'll answer this question again for you in case your to busy protesting about what you created. "The Democrats Tell You They Are Going To Tax The Rich Which Keeps You Voting For The Democrats, Who Are Using The Higher Business Tax Rates To Kill Small Businesses And Divert All The Wealth In The United States To The 1% Who Are Becoming Your Elitist Ruling Class". 

Now think of this, "How Are You Going To Feel After You Put Yourself On Welfare" and the 1% that you protested hard against become so wealthy you survive off of the welfare they let you have because they are merciful to you?  

The libertarian republican party democrats support this too. The Glen Beck, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul army of self proclaimed republican democrats hate small business.

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