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Monday, October 10, 2016

Donald Trump Will Do For The United States Just Like He Did In Raising His Children


Not to much to write on this subject. Donald Trump's children, all three of them will be future candidates for elected positions weather they like it or not. Donald Trump raised his children on hard work before they gained access to executive positions and family paychecks at their fathers real estate company. They are well spoken and tuned into what all of us non wealthy deplorable's have to go through including women. Actually, I'd really like to see Don or Eric go face to face in a debate against Billary Clinton and have their father step aside. Don and Eric are much better speakers than their father Donald Trump. I've heard Ivanka Trump speak also and she's just as well spoken as Don and Eric but doesn't seem to have the drive to mentally "Eat" like Don and Eric. I'm sure if Ivanka gets pissed off at Billary her well spoken words would gain the drive to mentally "Eat".

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