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Friday, October 23, 2015

Support Donald Trump For The Best Food On The Planet Produced In The U.S.

Corporate farmers "SUCK!". Independent farm co-ops and small farmers, ranchers and agricultural enthusiasts are the back bone of the United States economy. They provide U.S. citizens and often the world with inexpensive fresh food plus they make themselves a nice livelihood.

I personally support the removal of all illegal aliens on all farms and a turn to "Legal Immigrant Farmworkers" that come to the U.S. to earn an income doing farm work and a reversal of "Corporate Farms" back to farm co-ops and small independent farms that will reduce the immigrants needed and spread out huge corporate farm incomes to more small farmers.

Water in the U.S. would be greatly managed better with smaller farms and co-op farms. Huge communities of small farmers are always better than a huge corporate farm that consumes vast amounts of farmland and water resources to produce profits for "One Man And His Executive Bonuses" with hoards of illegal immigrants having anchor babies.

Hat In Ring 10-23-2015 Supports The Execution Of The Corporate Farms And A Return To Small Farms and Farm Co-ops.

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