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Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Libertarian Candidates Falter So They Turn To Support Ben Carson And His Amnesty

Ben Carson, taking the libertarian low road to win or really libertarian ideology minded to lose?

My own take on Ben Carson taking money from the libertarian open borders and amnesty PAC organization "Club For Growth" is that he needed the cash to run his campaign effectively against Donald Trump. Even before Ben Carson signed on with the devil he was an advocate of amnesty and the glorified pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens so this is the major issue of libertarians so I guess jumping on the bandwagon of the second place candidate would advance the libertarian ideology just a little more.

I like Ben Carson as do most people but when it becomes crunch time I'm going to jump on the bandwagon to crunch Ben Carson. Ben Carson hasn't been touched to badly yet but as the primaries grow nearer some feet will be a stomp'in on ol Ben Carson and his amnesty agenda.

The libertarians are without a doubt "Half Democrat" and their vote is split in the republican congress siding with the democrats. I wrote another article on this "libertarian half democrat half republican" way and I hope more people read it and take it to heart because it holds a lot of truths. The establishment republicans "Rinos" are in fact libertarians that have infiltrated the republican party and gained high level positions in congress to the point the voice of the conservative base is almost extinguished and we don't need the popular Ben Carson in the drivers seat of the presidency signing bills into law that ignore the drowned out conservative voice.

Yes, Ben Carson has stated some words that are very intense that draw the conservatives into his camp but his alignment with the libertarian "Club For Growth" tells the whole story of how Ben Carson will rule the roost if he gets elected. We already know he's going to ignore U.S. citizen workers and put his favor is with illegal immigrants completely. Why would anybody put illegal immigrants in front of  U.S. workers? If Ben Carson gets elected we all know now the libertarian, "Club For Growth" will be the new "Entity President Of The United States" and we will have the "U.S. Chamber Of Commerce" and the "Business Roundtable" creating and passing the laws we have to live under and by. Business communism strikes again! Another candidate tosses himself under the bus to service cash for those who have the cash over U.S. citizens.

My best take on Ben Carson is the same take I have on all the other popular candidates that went the way of what once was became no more. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, John McCain, Marco Rubio were all popular and when it was found out they all stepped into the darkness of libertarianism ideology they all became the fading lights that eventually burned out. The democrats do not like libertarians at all and when the GOP base conservatives find out these politicians are "libertarian half democrat half republican"  we conservatives too get repulsed with their presence in our government. As voters become more aware of Ben Carson's involvement with the libertarians and their screwed up ideology he too will fade away into the darkness of what could have been.

The worse place Ben Carson could have put himself is in the clutches of these libertarians. It's great to have some support but to support all the illegal aliens in the U.S. with promises of amnesty and citizenship that makes U.S. citizens second class workers to illegal aliens is unforgivable. Now, either Ben Carson truly believes in amnesty and citizenship for illegal aliens or he's just saying that to use the loud and voiceterous libertarians as a tool to push him up and get him name recognition. Either way it's the blunder that is his demise. Right now the libertarians are split between the real libertarian candidate Ted Cruz and Ben Carson but as the Ted Cruz light fades with no hope left in site all the libertarian support will be with Ben Carson as it appears Ben Carson wants with his alignment with the libertarian "Club For Growth".

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